‘Person Of Interest:’ Sarah Shahi To Join The Production In September, Will Season 5 Be The Last?

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Person Of Interest:’ Sarah Shahi To Join The Production In September, Will Season 5 Be The Last?
Sarah Shahi in ‘Person Of Interest’

After a few days of receiving an order from CBS to reduce the episode order, “Person of Interest” season 5 is going to bring back another new face from its previous season.  Read below to know more in details.

Sarah Shahi, who earlier played the character of Sameen Shaw, had earlier compelled to leave the show in the middle of its fourth season as she was expecting. After giving birth to twins on March 1, she is now all set to come back in the “Person of Interest” season 5, but the producer and director are silent about her role in the show.

Oppositely, Shahi, who is supposed to start working in September, does not know the precise or any detail about the reintroduction of her character. However, the fans get her character, but Shahi is very excited to give the fans more of Shaw, mainly when the Team Machine is having a terrible situation.

“Shaw had so much story left in her that it felt like the right thing to do was come back, Shahi told TV Guide.

“You will see [Shaw] very early in the season. And once you see her, she will always be on the show for the remainder of the show,” “Person of Interest” showrunner Greg Plageman told.

Plageman also added that her return is more permanent than the type of quick check-ins that “Person of Interest” earlier performed that led them to put the character aside.

As earlier said, the show has the order from CBS to reduce the episode, but CBS has not placed any verdict to the “Person of Interest” showrunner to make season 5 the final one. As IGN reported, as the show was pushed to midseason, Plageman and creator and executive producer Jonathan Nolan said at Comic-Con that they had a plan to “drop the mic” with season 5 and blow fans away with “13 kicks episodes.”

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