‘Person of Interest’ Season 5: Greg Plageman And Michael Emerson Hinted The Show’s Ending?

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Person of Interest’ Season 5: Greg Plageman And Michael Emerson Hinted The Show’s Ending?
Person of Interest

CBS has not actually declared that “Person of Interest” season 5 is going to be the show’s last. But a recent conversation of Greg Plageman, the executive producer, and actor Michael Emerson (who plays Harold Finch) with Spoiler TV hinted that they are going to make it final. Read below if you want detailed information.

Plageman was initially asked whether or not season 5 of “Person of Interest” would be satisfying if it is a final season. In reply, Plageman said that he has been working with creator Jonathan Nolan as writer since the beginning and every time they have tried to tell a complete story on the show. They have always tried to put an approach for each season as the show’s last and season 5 would be getting the similar push. Hence, what Plageman said, this year nothing would be different.

“I feel like we kind of wrap things up every season. And so I think we’ll kind of continue in that same vein, maybe with a hint more finale feeling,” Emerson said.

He added that the writers may leave it a little bit ambiguous, because we don’t know if it’s the show’s end as we know it or not. “So we kind of have to juggle that,” Emerson further added.

Plageman and Emerson also showed interest to continue the story through multiple TV movies (maybe a shorter season) or comic books. As Emerson had been an illustrator earlier, he felt that the characters of “Person of Interest” could have very interesting looks while making its representation in a comical way.

On the other hand, Nina Tassler, Chairman and President of CBS Entertainment, disclosed the future plan for the show during her Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour. She said that they had not yet decided about the ending of the series.

According to Vine Report, the showrunner of CBS’ hit American sci-fi crime drama TV series “Person of Interest,” is trying to expand its reach to its fans and viewers. The show is reported to have a syndicated run on WGN America and three seasons streaming in Netflix.

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