‘Person Of Interest’ Season 5 Spoilers: Teaser Released! CBS Series Cancelled After Episode 13?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
‘Person Of Interest’ Season 5 Spoilers: Teaser Released! CBS Series Cancelled After Episode 13?
Person of Interest Season 5

Season 5 of the show, “Person of Interest” may not come on till 2016, but CBS has released special teasers and photos for fans on their official Facebook page. Read on.

It looks like Michael Emerson who plays Finch, Jim Caviezel who plays Reese, and Amy Acker who plays root are back on the set to fight Samaritan. Viewers will remember that the finale saw Sameen Shaw walking away willingly with Samaritan’s agents. Apparently, she seemed to be brainwashed. Also, Samaritan’s agents attacked Elias and Dominic. Greer’s men put a bag over Control’s face and took her with them as a hostage. Finch walked out without a gun. Reese and Root provided him with cover as they started shooting down Samaritan’s agents. Pink Floyd’s Welcome to the Machine started playing in the background as all this happened.

According to VC Post, the next season is going to be short and the producers already aired a teaser at the SDCC 2015, which is available here as a video.The explosive teaser caught the interest of many fans and started quite a buzz at the comic con this year. CBS cashed in on the buzz and posted it on the website.

As we previously mentioned, the cast and crew of POI appeared at the annual comic conference and gave out details of the next season which may turn out to be the last. The POI cast and crew finally addressed the rumors about the upcoming 13 episodes being the final season. At the comic-con, the director Jonathan Nolan promised “that it would probably end badly for many characters and maybe there will be some hope and possibility of redemption.”

There was another rumor doing rounds that the show may yet spark another season. At any rate, the teaser looks promising and the fans’ interest is piqued about the new season.

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Photo Source: Person of Interest / Facebook

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