Person Of Interest Season 6/Spin-off Demand Update: CBS Disappoint Fans With Negative Attitude?

By Sangati Jogwar | 1 year ago
Person Of Interest Season 6/Spin-off Demand Update: CBS Disappoint Fans With Negative Attitude?
Person of Interest Season 6/Spinoff Update

Person of Interest Season 6 or its spinoff may not happen after all. There have been so many petitions and demands from the fans on However, CBS is not ready to give in to the demands. According to the report, this disappointing response from the network has affected the fans deeply. It seems that the request for a spinoff or an extension may soon wane.

CBS thinks that the demand for Person of Interest Season 6 will die soon if it does not give any response. And it does seem likely to happen as slowly fans are losing interest in taking the demand forward. The rumors about the next season or at least a spinoff circulated immediately after the Season 5 ended. But the showrunner did not take it seriously. Even the showrunners Greg Plagerman and Jonah Nolan did not look optimistic about another season, reports Game N Guide.

Fans Should Stop Expecting Another Season/Spinoff

Person of Interest Season 6 spinoff hence looks impossible and now fans must stop expecting that the show will return. Critics believe that the show ended in a cliffhanger.  Hence, it still has a huge potential for another season at least. Looking at its large fan base, the showrunner should have thought of coming up with an extension.

Critics agreed that it was possible to expand the show in all the directions. Exploring the various stories and characters in detail was surely possible. The show displayed a rich world full of surprises. Hence, it was not very difficult to shift the storyline to a slightly different premise.

Despite all these speculations and rumors, the situation right now is that there is not going to be any Person of Interest Season 6.  Many people think that it is sad that the showrunners and CBS decided to end the show in this way, disappointing the fans.

Internal Politics Killed The Show?

Usually, no one stops a show with a huge fan following. So many believe that some internal politics caused disruption in Person of Interest Season 6 smooth run.  Fans think that there has been some lack of understanding behind the scene that has made another season or a spinoff impossible.

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