Person of Interest Recap: Control-Alt-Delete

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Person of Interest Recap: Control-Alt-Delete
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“Person of Interest” Season 4 Episode 12 “Control-Alt-Delete” aired last Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, an in-depth look of Control (Camryn Manheim) and the other side of the picture were seen, while Team Machine — Root (Amy Acker), John Reese (Jim Caviziel), Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) and Detective Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman) —searched for Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi), whom they had last seen at the sixth sublevel of the New York Stock Exchange Building before the Samaritan Operatives came for her, allowing them to escape. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with a different introduction, and the Samaritan interface kicked in and played an audio recording, in which John Reese (Jim Caviziel) told genius hacker Root (Amy Acker) that he was ready to get Shaw (Sarah Shahi) back. The interface then played a news report, which revealed that several armed assailants, a man and a woman, wore ski masks, shot the a guard and stole some security footage. Moreover, near the Stock Exchange Building, a man and a woman wearing ski masks broke in and stole sensitive surveillance hard drives. The guard whom they had hurt in the process related that the man and woman had apologized as they were looking for a friend. Another news report showed that the stock market was currently stabilized and recovered after the Flash Crash, which had been caused by a computer glitch.

In Washington DC, Control (Camryn Manheim), oblivious to the reports on the Flash Crash, dropped off her daughter in school and went to her office at the White House, where she was greeted by the President’s Chief of Staff, Mike Richelli (Michael Gaston), who was not having a great day. He then was reassured by Control that he did not have to worry about the Flash Crash as Research, or Samaritan, had not alerted her to it. She then left him as she received several text messages that she had to go to the Operations Room.

While she went down, Mike was surprised to see a young boy, Gabriel (Oakes Fegley), Samaritan’s mouthpiece, who gave him specific figures regarding the closing rate of the market for that day and on how much his “personal portfolio” would drop. Before he left, he told Mike that he wanted to talk to the president and told him that he had crashed the Stock Exchange but was ignored.

In the operations room, Control was informed by Shiffman (Suzy Jane Hunt), that Research, or Samaritan, had located a sleeper cell in Detroit of radicalized Muslims and who planned to target historical landmarks with backpack bombs after crashing the power grid so that they could plant it. Control was then informed that one of the four men, Yasin Said, was American and had met the three other Saudi nationals in Cairo. Afterwards, they enrolled in an engineering course in Dearborn, Michigan, and all lived in the same house, where they heavily accessed recruiting sites for a known terrorist group. After being reassured by Mr. Travers (Michael Potts), the Samaritan representative in the Pentagon that the Samaritan is never wrong, Control gave the green light to Agents Grice, Brooks (Theadora Wolley) and another agent. They were able to kill three men in the house but were not able to locate Said, who had left his phone and ran. However, they were able to get a hold of their laptops but ran into a problem as Samaritan refused to let Control see what was on the laptop. As Control kept on insisting, Travers, upon the orders of Samaritan, shut the entire system down.

Because of this, both Travers and Control went to Senator Ross Garrison (John Doman) in order to settle things. While they waited, a news report on the television reported that there had been a high-speed collision early that morning in New York, which had been caused by a man and a woman. It had resulted in a dangerous shootout with four private contractors. After Senator Garrison came in, Travers informed him that Samaritan had shut down and hadn’t allowed Control to take a look at what they had been coding since it was akin to a nuclear virus and wasn’t relevant at all. Garrison was then called up by John Greer (John Nolan) who reminded him that Travers was his eyes and ears there, and that Control had to let this incident slide so that Research would be turned on again. Control then agreed and the system came back online.

Meanwhile, in Detroit, Agents Grice and Brooks waited for Research’s further instructions for them. While waiting, Grice watched the news, which reported that a man and a woman in ski masks had stolen a GPS from an SUV then carjacked a local vehicle to get away. This had happened in Manhattan, and a certain Detective Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman) had been interviewed regarding the incident. They were then interrupted by a phone call from Research’s secure line from Control, who managed to escape the all seeing eye of Samaritan for a little while. She then told Grice that he and Brooks were to find Said and figure out what was on the laptop. She then told them not to kill Said and that finding what was on the hard drive was the priority and to report directly to her. She then told him to consider it his reprieve and another chance, as she knew that he had seen Agent Sameen Shaw in New York, and that he had let her live.

They then managed to track Said down to an abandoned looking building. There, Brooks scared him enough so that he would enter the building, where he would be confronted by Grice. However, he ended up leaving the laptop behind, and nosedived out of the building’s window, but was still alive as he had landed on something soft. He then called up Control, and informed him that unfortunately, he was not able to get into his laptop as it had suddenly burned up and melted. However, Brooks was able to find a train schedule in the backpack, and discovered that Said would be escaping to Canada using the Canadian American Railway in three hours. However, they told her that they had been reassigned by Research and had to report back in thirty minutes. Control then received a text message from an unknown sender which read “Stop It. Now.”

Back at operations, she informed Travers that she did not like the fact that he was interfering with her operations. She then told Shiffman to send her personal security detail to her in her office. There, she reassured Mike that she was handling the terrorist on the loose in Detroit. She then was thrown off her guard after learning that she was not able to get her old security detail as they had been T-boned buy a truck, which was driven by a man and a woman wearing ski masks — the same two people who had been causing havoc in New York the entire morning.

They then went to Detroit and had started to chase the train that Said was on. However, they were stopped by a woman and a man in ski masks, who fired a rocket at them from a shoulder rocket launcher. After the car spun around and crashed, Control was confronted with the man and the woman with ski masks — Root (Amy Acker) and John Reese (Jim Caviziel). John then asked Control where Shaw was.

When she came to, she was tied up on a chair, inside a cage, in the middle of a basement. There, John asked her once again where Shaw was and stopped Root from interfering after Control asked if something was wrong with Shaw. Root then went out of the cage and watched from outside. Then John advised her that she better cooperate with him because if she didn’t, he would send Root in. He then reassured her that there are no good cops here. As she told him that she did not know where Shaw was, John allowed Root to take over.

Root took pleasure in the fact that she was going to be able to torture Control, especially as the last time they had met, Root had been tied up, and Control had rendered her deaf in one ear. She then continued to torture her using a tazer, which she knew would cause some damage, as she knew that Control had hypertension and high blood pressure, something that she had gotten as a result of losing her mother at the age of nine. Root then told Control that Shaw, despite being a sociopath, did care about them to the point that she had saved her life and that it was her turn to save Shaw. However, as Control refused to say anything, Root decided to taze her near her heart, fully aware that it could be fatal for her. However, she was stopped just in time by Harold Finch (Michael Emerson). Root then walked out of the cage. While this happened, Control activated her tracking button so that the ISA Agents could be notified of her location.

Finch first apologized for them being so aggressive and told her that Sameen risked everything to pull the whole world back from the brink of disaster and reminded her that everyone in that room constantly saved countless lives, without anyone knowing. Control then, after looking at him, told them, Root and John that Finch did not believe that Shaw was still alive. However, John reminded them that they really did not know anything for sure yet, as the surveillance from the Stock Exchange was unreadable. Because of the mention of the Stock Exchange, Control started to ask why the Stock Exchange had been so important lately. Because of the fact that Control had no idea that Shaw had been shot as the result of a massive firefight underneath the building, Finch realized that Control really had no “control” over Samaritan, and as she insisted on not helping them, Finch realized that she had been kept in the dark deliberately and that she was just part of the clean-up team. He was then interrupted by the sound of the door, which meant that the ISA Agents were there to get her. However, he told her that he knew that they were coming and told her that if she had known Samaritan better, then she would have known that he was there to pinpoint, which ISA agent was a Samaritan spy and held a Samaritan encrypted phone.

Outside, Fusco knocked out the ISA Agent in the van so that Finch could upload a worm to the seventh strange signal that he had detected. The worm would look for any mention of Shaw and then move on to the next phone.

Inside, Root claimed that shooting was therapeutic, and John, who wasn’t doing so well due to the injury on his chest, spared Grice’s life after learning who he was. Afterwards, outside, Finch told them that they had found a very small lead, which Root and John followed. They took a car and then drove to the coordinates that Finch had given them. Along the way, John rested, Root fought her tears back and told Finch that she believed that Shaw was still alive.

Meanwhile, Gabriel confronted Mike again and told him that he wanted to speak to the President soon. In Canada, Control tracked down Said to a cabin. There, he told her that he and his friends were not terrorists. He told her that they had been contacted and paid to do some coding work for a bioinformatics company that specialized in climate change and that they had finished coding two days ago. They had been contacted as they had won the Nautilus game — a game that had been set up by Samaritan. However, Control did not believe him and shot him to death. However, later on, she visited the New York Stock Exchange and went to the area where Shaw had been trapped by Samaritan operatives. After running a finger against one of the walls, she learned that it had been freshly painted.

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