Person of Interest Recap: M.I.A.

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Person of Interest Recap: M.I.A.
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“Person of Interest” Season 4 Episode 13 “M.I.A.” aired last Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015, at 10 PM on CBS. In this episode, John Reese (Jim Caviziel), Root (Amy Acker) and Harold Finch (Michael Emmerson) raced against time to look for their fallen comrade, Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi). This led them to a little town in upstate New York called Maple, where they discovered that nothing was truly what it seemed with the town. Meanwhile, back in Manhattan, Detective Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman) decided to take matters into his own hands and to help out with the number for the week, with some unexpected help from former Internal Affairs Detective Dani Silva (Adria Arjona). Read on to learn more about this episode.

John Reese (Jim Caviziel) and Root (Amy Acker), with Harold Finch’s (Michael Emerson) help, tracked the truck that had held Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi) to a little town in upstate New York called Maple. Before entering town, Root reminded Finch not to lose hope that Shaw is still alive, and informed John that she would be his new partner, Detective Alice Ginsberg, for the day.

Back in Manhattan, Finch went over to Detective Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman), who decided to take care of the number that they had to save for the week — Albert Weiss (Mason Pettit), a timid-looking salesman from a hardware store in New Jersey, who was visiting his niece who lived there. Fusco managed to track him down to a park in Brooklyn, where he accidentally caught the eye of Detective Dani Silva (Adria Arjona), who approached him. She then informed Fusco that she had transferred out of Internal Affairs to the Gang Division and was tracking down Weiss. It turned out that Weiss’ name had appeared on two cold cases and on two missing person reports that were years apart from each other. However, she did confirm that whatever Weiss was into wasn’t good at all. There, they silently agreed that they would help each other out.

Meanwhile, Root and John attended the Founder’s Day celebration in Maple, which seemed to be an idyllic little town. After working her charm on the chief of police in Maple, Chief Wicker, Root was able to take a look at the surveillance footage of Maple, as it would probably have caught the truck Shaw had been in on tape. Meanwhile, John distracted one of the officers so that he could raid their arsenal, which had a lot of heavy-duty weapons as Chief Wicker liked guns. Root then managed to find footage of the truck entering the town, after correcting the corrupted footage and knocking out Chief Wicker, who had decided, wrongly, to hit on her. As they did not find any footage of the truck leaving town, they deduced that the truck was still in town.

The two then booked a room at a small hotel nearby. There, they bound and gagged Chief Wicker and left him inside the bathtub, as Finch had discovered that the truck had been abandoned and was currently in the town’s impound lot.

Back at the precinct, Fusco discovered that Dani was working on the case alone, as she had wanted to find out what happened to her missing witness, who was one of the two missing persons that she had mentioned to Fusco earlier. Fusco then showed her that he had discovered that the days Weiss had gone to New York matched the dates of several of the missing persons’ reports they had. After realizing somebody had stolen a huge batch of lye from a particular hardware store and all of the missing persons in question were related to several gangs in the city, they deduced that Weiss was a hit man for hire who got rid of the evidence by dissolving them in lye. Fusco then went with Dani, as she knew where he was going next. However, before leaving the precinct, she told him to wear a nicer tie.

He then met Dani, who wore a really nice dress, at a fancy restaurant, where Weiss was having high tea. Dani believed that he was casing the area for his next target, and knew that something was going to happen that day, as he didn’t bring his niece with him there like he usually did. Finch then informed Fusco that Weiss was going to go after a waiter named Marcus Young, who was connected to the 280 gang. Fusco then followed Weiss into the kitchen and stopped him from clubbing Marcus to death with a meat tenderizer. However, after Dani brought Marcus outside for some air, Weiss, who was being handcuffed by Fusco, decided to hit his head on the metal table to give the impression to others that Fusco had mistreated him.

Back in Maple, Root and John drove to the impound lot. On the way there, she told John that she believed that Shaw is still alive. At the impound, they discovered that the manager, a man named Mason Bauer, was a former trust-fund-baby-turned-drunkard-and-impound-manager after his trust fund had ran out. He was watching the news, where he saw a homeless man won the lottery. After they found the truck, they opened the back, only to find a lot of medical instruments and a lot of blood. Finch then told them that the hospital had no records of Shaw being brought into the hospital, so he sent over the address of a neurosurgeon who lived there, as he might have treated Shaw, whom they knew had been shot in the head. Finch also asked them to send him a sample of the blood that they had found in the truck so that he could verify whether it belonged to Shaw or not.

The two then barged into the home of Dr. Victor Haskell (John Leonard Thompson), who admitted that he hadn’t performed a surgery since he had been fired several months back and that somebody with a blocked number had called him up to ask for advice as the one on the other line was performing a complex neurological surgery that wasn’t going very well. However, he hadn’t called the police as he knew that those who asked questions disappeared and died. He then informed them that the town was on the verge of collapse six months ago, as everyone was going to lose their jobs as the textile factory that employed most of the people there was going overseas. However, Carrow Corporation had bought up the company and saved the town. But several strange things also occurred after Carrow saved the town — protesters who went against Carrow disappeared suddenly; the old mayor committed suicide after he was charged with corruption after he tried to stop Carrow from running diesel-fueled generators, and was replaced by a man who had formerly been a gas station attendant; and he himself had been fired as someone had framed him up for medical malpractice. He then revealed that he had an anklet monitor on him and told them that the new factory created transponders. He told them to talk to Ms. Leslie Thompson (Maddie Corman), who ran the factory. This made John, Root and Finch realize that Maple was being run by Samaritan.

Back in Manhattan, Fusco informed Finch that he wasn’t allowed to go near Weiss anymore. Finch then gave him the address of a place that Weiss had bought in Brooklyn under a fake name, and told Fusco to prepare for the worst, with regard to Shaw. Later on, he gave the address to Dani, who decided to take matters into her own hands and broke into the house where she found the lye and a kill room. She did all these while Fusco was busy trying to get Marcus to a safe place, as he was actually a witness to a gang shooting, to which he didn’t testify.

However, before she could move any further, Weiss, who was inside the house, shot at her. After they shot at each other, he ran out after someone shot at them from the outside. Weiss got away, but Dani was still alive. Thanks to Fusco, who had gone there to back her up.

Back in Maple, John and Root were astonished to find that Mason had actually gone and shot the homeless man who had won the lottery. John then abducted Leslie and brought her to their hotel room, where he decided to interrogate her first, as he and Finch knew that Root would only torture her to death and they would lose the chance to learn about what exactly Samaritan was up to.

Leslie then informed John that she didn’t know anything and that she only followed instructions that were given to her via email, or else they would kill her. It turned out that her real name was Mary Anne Holst and she had died six months ago of a heart attack. However, after her attack, she had found herself in a Maple hospital, with a brand new pacemaker, and was told to follow all the instructions given to her so that she could remain alive. After putting Finch on loudspeaker, they discovered that the factory made transponders. She then repeated that she didn’t know anything and that she believed that she was just making people happy.

This made Finch realize that Samaritan had turned Maple into its own little “ant farm” in order to attempt to learn more about humans faster and, in doing so, was playing with people’s lives.

Afterwards, despite Finch’s warnings, John let Root interrogate her next, because Root and John knew that Leslie was still hiding something from them. After drilling into her hand and scaring her a little bit more, she revealed that she had seen some men take a brunette woman into the factory and that she had been alive. She then told them that they could use her to get in, as she had access to the factory.

Meanwhile, back in Manhattan, at the precinct, Fusco and Dani ran out of luck as they couldn’t get a warrant to search Weiss’ kill house since Dani had broken in. He then warned her to be careful, as Weiss might just go after them next. Dani then just ignored his warning and went home to take a shower. While she was in the bathroom, Weiss snuck inside her apartment, with some wire, to make it seem like she had killed herself. However, she was ready for him with a gun and Fusco was waiting for him from behind. After an intense struggle, Dani shot him dead in self-defense.

The next day, Dani was disturbed as that had been her first kill. She then told Fusco that she had been required to go to counselling. Fusco then smiled at her and told her that she reminded him of some of his friends and that “heroics ain’t a job you carry easy.”

At the factory, Root disabled the cameras and the security system, while John opened the cartons of boxes ready to be shipped out to everywhere in the country. The boxes contained microdot transponders that would allow Samaritan to have uncontrolled location data everywhere. They then put on ski masks and blew upon a sealed door to which Leslie had no access to. According to her, that was where they had brought the brunette woman. After shooting their way in, they discovered several neural implants, which prevented people from having seizures. However, on the implants was a transponder, which would allow Samaritan to further study the human mind and would allow it to give commands directly to its agents’ brains.

Inside, further into the room, they discovered a brunette woman chained onto a bed, with a bandage around her head. However, when they approached her, they realized that it wasn’t Shaw but a woman named Delia Jones (Vanessa Wasche), who had been a secretary at the Stock Exchange. Finch then confirmed that the blood that they had found in the truck was Delia’s, and deduced that they had taken Delia in order to test out the neural implant.

Root, who couldn’t believe it, went outside and shot the other reinforcements that were going to gun them down. John brought Delia with them, but Leslie decided to stay behind so that she could quit her job and face the consequences of what she had done to the town. Root then gunned down the agent who was aiming at John and Delia, and together they escaped.

The next day, John informed Finch that Delia was in the safe house and was recovering nicely. Finch then informed John that Samaritan had pulled out of Maple, which would probably collapse on itself. He then apologized to John for sending him on a wild goose chase, but John told Finch that Shaw would have understood and that she would have been proud of them. However, they both knew that Root would have a hard time understanding this.

Finch then walked up to Root who was staring at the street camera, convinced that the Machine knows where Shaw is. After begging it to give her an answer, the payphone rang and told Finch and Root to stop looking for Shaw. Finch then told Root that they had to let her go and to live with the fact that they will never know for sure where she was or if she was still alive. Finch then told her that the Machine might have a plan for Shaw and that the Machine was right — that they had to stop and move on, or else it would consume them forever. Root then bid Finch goodbye and walked away.

The scene then faded to black, and the only sound that could be heard was the beeping of a heart monitor. John Greer’s (John Nolan) face then came into view and a woman’s voice said, “If this is the afterlife, it sucks.” The camera then showed Shaw’s face, who was in a hospital bed. Greer then called her “My dear Sameen” and told her to get a lot of rest, as she was going to need all of her strength soon.

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