Person of Interest Recap: Point of Origin

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Person of Interest Recap: Point of Origin
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"Person of Interest" Season 4 Episode 8 “Point of Origin” aired on Nov. 18, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, John Reese (Jim Caviezel), also known as Detective John Riley, became a tactics and weapons instructor at the New York Police Academy. They need to keep an eye on their new number, who, as it turned out, was more than just a regular recruit. Meanwhile, Samaritan’s operative, Martine (Cara Buono), was tasked to track down Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi). Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with a team of officers going inside a house as they were going against another officer. The officers were hit with paintballs by the lone officer as he was hit on the knee. The officer who had just gotten hit removed his mask to reveal that he was John Reese (Jim Caviezel) or Detective John Riley as he was known as of the moment. The officer who had shot him in the knee, a girl named Dani Silva (Adria Arjona), apologized to John, her instructor. He hadn’t told them not to use the fire escape. However, her classmates, such as Recruit Kane, did not seem to appreciate the fact that she seemed to be better than them. However, her other classmate, Alex Ortiz (Mike Figueroa), defended her. Outside the training facility, John ran into his psychologist, Dr. Campbell (Wrenn Schmidt). He thanked her for endorsing him as an instructor. However, she said that based on the fact that he was being investigated by Internal Affairs, this would be a good place for him to get reacquainted with the rules.  After class, Ortiz asked Silva if she wanted to go out drinking beer with him and their classmates. However, she refused as she had a date later that night.

Meanwhile, at Samaritan headquarters, John Greer (John Nolan) informed Martine (Cara Buono) that Samaritan had discovered that an ISA agent, who allowed some criminals to escape with the virus. One of them in particular, whose face Samaritan, was trying to recover. It was proven to be elusive enough to make him think that whoever she was, she might be working with Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) and the others. Marine was then tasked with finding her. She told Greer that it would be easy for her to do. All she needed was to utilize the relationships of the people that this woman had met in order to find her because there will always be someone that one would be connected to.  

As John had papers to grade, Detective Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman) and Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi) had to be the ones to tail Silva on her date. They then discovered that Silva was taking pictures of her classmates. She was handed a gun by her date, whose car she had gone into. Inside the car, she confirmed that her classmates were the target and was told to stick to the plan.

Next morning, John ignored Dr. Campbell’s texts. He was supposed to have a therapy session with her that morning. Instead, he continued to watch Silva, who fished out a receipt from the trash can. Finch then told John that based on her cell phone, it seemed like Silva was collecting data on all of her classmates. This led them to believe that she was a mole, but they still had to figure who she was working for. Silva, however, was interrupted in her search as Ortiz had come up to her to ask if she was free to go out with them that night.

Meanwhile, Shaw and Fusco tracked down the man that Silva had met the previous night and staked it out. Since Shaw had placed a tracker on his car, they decided to break into his house after he had left.

Meanwhile, Samaritan connected Shaw to Tomas Koroa’s smash and grab team. It connected Martine to Katya Rodchenko, who was at Rikers Island due to a drug charge. There, she blackmailed Katya into telling her that the person who had recommended her to Tomas. The person who had recommended her replacement, Shaw, was a man named Romeo.

Later that day, just as John was about to follow Silva. She stepped out of the academy, but he was blocked by Dr. Campbell. He wanted to know why he had not shown up for his therapy session. John then decided to let her walk with him as he tailed Silva, in order to have his session, wherein Dr. Campbell was interested in talking about his hero complex. Then Shaw informed John that based on what they had found at the house, which was probably a safe house of some sorts. Silva was a cop who was hunting a mole that was in the academy. As he saw a black van drawing up to where Silva was, he whistled to warn her, and fired shots at the van as it sped by. This meant that Silva’s cover might have been blown.

After placing Dr. Campbell in a taxi cab, Silva demanded to know why John had been following her. He then told her that he knew that she was a cop, probably Internal Affairs and was currently investigating a mole inside the academy. He then insisted on going with her to warn her handler, Howard, whom she had to warn personally. He wouldn’t accept anything that was digital.

Meanwhile, Shaw and Fusco traced Silva’s shooter to a Community Center nearby. There, they found the shooter, who was texting someone using secured texting. They then followed a woman who ran the Community Center. She brought the shooter, named Meech, to the gym at the back of the center. There, Shaw was surprised to see Mini (Winston Duke), one of the muscles for the Brotherhood there. She was even more surprised to learn that Mini spoke of the strategy so well. This made them realized that the Brotherhood was trying to kill Silva in order to protect their mole. The woman told Mini that everyone, including the kids. They were starting to join up with the Brotherhood — all except for those who belonged to Elias’ (Enrico Colantoni) gang. He was then told that Meech had slipped up as he had been tasked to get rid of Silva. However, he tried to make excuses for himself as she had help from some guy in a suit. Mini then ordered Meech to be executed, which greatly surprised Shaw and the others. This led Finch realize that Mini was Dominic. This was confirmed when Meech called him Dominic, in a bid to beg for mercy. Shaw then became upset and wanted to shoot Dominic. He was told to save it as a lot of children came into the gym to play basketball.

 Later that night, Ortiz entered Dominic’s car and handed him a USB. It turned out that he was the mole and that he had been instructed to steal some files for Dominic. He was instructed to lay low at the Spanish Harlem in order to throw off the undercover cop off his tracks. Ortiz then reminded him that their deal was a one-time job in order for Dominic to help out his uncle. After he left, he told the woman from the Community Center that he had Ortiz steal the NYPD’s files on Elias.

At the same time, Martine entered Romeo’s bar. He forced him to tell her about the wheel woman he had recommended to Tomas. He then told her that he contacted the wheel woman, through a dating application called Angler. Martine also discovered that her target’s profile name was Nadya and that Romeo had been unsuccessfully trying to alert her.

Meanwhile, during the same night, they discovered that Howard had been shot to death with Silva’s training weapon. She also discovered that she could not go back to get the documents in the safe that proved that she was a cop.

The next morning, at one of Finch’s safe houses, she revealed to John that when she was younger, she had been a runner for a local street gang. After she got arrested, the judge told her that her record would be sealed if she went to community college, which she did, and got a degree in Criminal Justice. She then had entered the academy and a week before graduation, she was pulled out by Howard, her handler at Internal Affairs, as she had the perfect background to spot a mole that had been planted inside the academy. She then had discovered Ortiz was the mole, and it made sense that she had been framed for Howard’s murder. Ortiz had volunteered the previous day to clean it for her. Fusco then came in and told her that she was now wanted for murder, especially as an anonymous deposit of ten grand had just entered her bank account. She then revealed that she knew that Ortiz was working for the Brotherhood as she had recovered a receipt from the trash that placed Ortiz at a bodega just across the street from where the Brotherhood recruits.

Thanks to Finch they discovered that Ortiz was currently at an old school in Spanish Harlem, which was run by the Trinitarios. Silva then told John that she would come with him in order to bring Ortiz in. However, before they left, Finch also informed John that Ortiz had stolen some files from the Commandant’s Office and that he would try to figure out what exactly Ortiz had stolen.

On their way to the school house, Silva revealed to John that since she was Internal Affairs, she had read his entire file and wondered about the fact that the file did not mention any military experience. It was the tactics that he had taught them were obviously military tactics. However, he covered it up by telling her that his first instructor was a veteran of the Gulf War. He then told her that he had brought some special guns with them and had brought along Bear and a belt of grenades just in case.

They got to the school house just in time, as the head of the Trinitarios was about to kill Ortiz, who kept on insisting that he only agreed to a one-time job. They also discovered, thanks to Finch, that Dominic had used Ortiz’s uncle as leverage. He had just been set free from Rikers Island where he had been facing a drug charge. They were able to knock them out and got Ortiz’s gun. However, the Trinitarios leader sounded the alarm, and they were forced to run. They ended up in the pool room, which had no way out except for an access tunnel underneath the pool. John then blew up the pool with the belt of grenades. When they emerged, Bear included, Fusco and Shaw arrested Ortiz.

Next morning, Dominic confronted the Trinitarios leader about his failure and persuaded his number two to kill him in cold blood.

As John entered their headquarters, he received call from Dr. Campbell, who told him that she had heard that he had helped out Internal Affairs recently. She then discovered that Silva’s name had been cleared as the mole, Ortiz, had confessed everything. She then told him that she was glad that he had been there when bullets started flying. She told him that she was looking forward to their next session. Finch then informed John that Dominic had been gathering intelligence from the NYPD about their next number — Elias.

Meanwhile, based on the Angler application, Samaritan and Martine were able to track Shaw down to the mall where she worked. Samaritan was only able to give Martine a blurry image of Shaw, but it was enough to recognize her. As she drew her gun from her purse and walked up to Shaw, Shaw realized that she was in very grave danger.

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