Person of Interest Recap: Pretenders

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Person of Interest Recap: Pretenders
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Person of Interest” Season 4, Episode 6 “Pretenders” aired last Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2014, at 10:00 PM on CBS. In this episode, John Reese/Detective John Riley (Jim Caviezel), Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi) and Detective Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman) helped out an insurance man. He was actually pretending to be a cop so that he could investigate the mysterious death of his colleague’s brother. Meanwhile, Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) went to Hong Kong to attend a work-related conference. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, an audio recording was found and played by the police.  The victim was a truck driver named Abel Mindler. Another audio recording showed that someone was looking for the truck the victim has been driving.

John, who had just finished protecting a number, received another number from Finch. Shaw already has her eyes on their new number, an insurance employee named Walter Dang (Erik Jensen). She was currently undercover as a temp worker at their firm. As an uncover, she was able to clone his phone. She then saw him comforting a girl named Elena Mindler, the victim's sister. He had killed himself, but Elena was bothered that he did not even leave her a note. Walter then told her that he was working on it. He put in Abel’s SIM card onto a burner phone before he left the building, only to be followed by John, who was positioned outside. Then Harold asked Shaw to take care of the technical aspect of the case, as he was at Hong Kong for a conference where he has to present a paper.

John followed Walter to the hotel where Abel killed himself.  Meanwhile, Shaw informed him that the police reports said that a woman heard two men arguing in loud voices at the apartment where Abel was. She then told John that she found a text message conversation between Abel and Banks Van Hess, a supervisor at the port authority at a local airport. This was interesting as John had just followed Walter to a local airport. There, Walter told the guard that he needed to speak to Van Hess. He told him that he was Detective Jack Forge, who was investigating a homicide.

However, he was too late, as Van Hess had been tortured by two masked men. They were the ones who dumped kerosene all over him in order to torch the place.  Walter fled the scene when they saw him. John, who managed to catch up to them, knocked him out. John told him that their cases might be linked and brought him to the precinct. At the precinct, Walter told them that he was Detective Jack Forge. He told them that he believed that Abel and Van Hess had been smuggling something. Van Hess made sure that the product came in, while Abel delivered it in his truck. However, the truck that belonged to Abel in the shipping company he worked for has gone missing. He also revealed that he has Abel’s phone. However, right after John pulled Detective Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman) aside, as he needed to be a little bit easier on Walter, they discovered that Walter had disappeared.

Meanwhile, Shaw was able to recover an audio recording in which they discovered that Abel had called Van Hess up as he was disturbed by the package that he was transporting. Based on the conversation, both John and Shaw realized that guns with high explosive rounds were being smuggled in.

Back at the office, Walter ran out quickly as he started getting scared by all the anonymous threatening calls he was getting. He then got kidnapped but was quickly rescued by John and Shaw, who was hiding somewhere in one of the apartments near where John was.

John then brought Walter to an area where no cameras could see them. Together, they waited for Fusco and Shaw to arrive. John and Shaw examined the gun that had been left behind at the shootout. The duo discovered that that kind of gun had the capability of penetrating bullet proof vests and cars. As Walter had no idea who had been targeting him, Shaw decided to go back to their headquarters in order to trace the anonymous calls Walter had just received. John then escorted Walter back to the precinct, where he was placed under protective custody, while Fusco brought the gun to the evidence room. Before John left Walter alone, Walter started talking about the vigilante that was called “The Man in the Suit,” who had disappeared a while back. Walter then had an inkling that his new superhero friend just might be that vigilante. At their headquarters, Shaw had no luck tracing the calls, but she gained another information. Based on a deleted text of Abel’s, she learned that the gun that they had was just a prototype and that 100 other guns had already been smuggled in. However, she had no idea who was behind everything.

In the evidence room, as Fusco logged in the gun as evidence, he noticed that something was amiss and was knocked out.

Downstairs, a man posing as an FBI Agent came to talk to Walter, but as John noticed the FBI Agent, he knew that something was wrong and decided to act fast. The FBI Agent then abducted Walter and left him before he ran out. However, as John recognized that the FBI Agent was Scarface (David Valcin), he decided to talk to Carl Elias (Enrico Colantoni).

John then learned that Elias only tried to kidnap Walter once at the precinct, and the other attacks were orchestrated by a man known as the Armorer, a weapons man from Chicago. Elias then revealed to John that Abel, who was an honest man, had realized that he was smuggling guns and had dumped the truck into the river. The Armorers men had got to him. He had died because he was trying to escape from his captors. As Walter knew where the location of the missing truck was, Elias really needed to talk to him. However, John would not let that happen. John then realized that the Armorer was after Abel’s phone, as the GPS on his phone would be able to tell them where the truck was dumped. Because of this, Walter was kidnapped by the Armorer as Fusco was driving him to the safe house. During the kidnapping, John got shot in the shoulder. Luckily, Shaw was able to get the backup of the GPS coordinates and sent it to John.

The Armorer and his men were able to retrieve the guns from the river and were about to kill Walter when John and Fusco showed up. Just as they were running out of ammunition, Scarface and Elias’ men came in to help. In the end, Walter took a bullet in the arm for John, as he tried to save John’s life.

Elias then told the Armorer that he would never allow guns like that into his city. He realized that the Armorer was not the mastermind behind everything and that he had just been the fall guy.

Later that night, Elias met up with Dominic (Winston Duke), who had been behind the entire thing. He then warned Dominic to stay out of his way. He also revealed to them that he had kept the prototype gun; but he, John and Fusco had destroyed the others.

Back at work, Walter was congratulated as John announced that he had helped take down a gun-smuggling ring. Just before Walter left to tell Elena all about her brother, he reassured John that his secret was safe with him. He then told him that when “the ,an in the suit” disappeared, he had created the identity of Detective Jack Forge, as crime had been going up again. However, now, he knew that the man had never truly disappeared and let go of his Jack Forge identity.

In Hong Kong, Harold was approached by a persistent woman named Elizabeth “Beth” Bridges (Jessica Hecht), who disagreed with his paper. As they talked and debated about it on their way back to their hotel, they were mugged by a man on a delivery motorcycle, and both of their bags were taken. Beth wanted to get the police involved as the bag contained her laptop, which contained her work. However, as Harold did not want to get the police involved, they decided to investigate it by themselves as Harold was able to remember the Chinese characters on the thief’s bike. Harold then realized that Beth was the founder of Geospatial, the company that sponsored the conference he had just attended.

Thanks to his photographic memory, they were able to track down the delivery boy to a local restaurant. Just as the delivery boy left the restaurant, Harold was able to knock him out and retrieved the bags. At the airport, Beth gave Harold her card and invited him to some coffee, as she was going to be in New York soon and meet up with an Angel Investor.

Beth spoke to the Angel Investor representative inside a cab. The person turned out to be working for Samaritan, as Samaritan was interested in her algorithms.

In Hong Kong, Harold slipped out of the airport and paid the delivery boy, who had placed something on Beth’s laptop for him. Harold then walked out on the streets of Hong Kong.

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