Person of Interest Recap: The Devil You Know

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Person of Interest Recap: The Devil You Know
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“Person of Interest” Season 4 Episode 9 “The Devil You Know” aired last Thursday, Nov. 25, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, as Sameen Shaw’s (Sarah Shahi) cover was blown by Samaritan’s operative Martine (Cara Buono), Root (Amy Acker) had to bring her safely to their subway headquarters without being detected by Martine and Samaritan. Meanwhile, John Reese (Jim Caviezel), also known as Detective John Riley, and Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) tried to protect Carl Elias (Enrico Colantoni) from Dominic (Winston Duke) and the Brotherhood, who were bent on finishing Elias of. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode picked up where it left off, with Samaritan’s operative, Martine (Cara Buono), coming at Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi) at the mall where she worked during the day. Shaw managed to escape after shooting her way out of the mall and was met by Root (Amy Acker), who told her to get on her motorcycle. They then drove into the open back of a moving truck, where they would be safe from any cameras. As her cover had been blown, Root was instructed by Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) to get Shaw back to the subway and to safety. Even if they were moving and did not know where they were going, Finch reassured them and promised to send assistance. He also reassured Shaw that John Reese (Jim Cavizel), also known as Detective John Riley, could handle their new number — Carl Elias (Enrico Colantoni).

John tracked Elias down to the Boardwalk, where he and his bodyguard, Anthony (David Valcin), also known as Scarface, met up with Elias’ accountant, a man named Bruce Moran (James Les Gros). During the meeting, Bruce reassured Elias that his accounts were safe. However, John was surprised that Elias would be bold enough to meet out in the open, especially as he spotted Dominic’s (Winston Duke) number two, Link, taking pictures of him. This confirmed their suspicions that the brotherhood was preparing to attack Elias soon, as they already had stolen a cache of information that the NYPD had collected on Elias’ entire organization. Finch also told John that they had to protect Elias, as he has been a valuable ally during these troubling times and was the principle force against Dominic and the brotherhood. As John pointed out, Elias was the “devil we know.”

Meanwhile, in a camera dead zone, Detective Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman) stopped the moving truck so that Root and Shaw could get out.

Elias was then surprised when John showed himself in front of him and Anthony. John then revealed that he was there to protect him as the Brotherhood had stolen information on him. Elias believed him but told John to give Harold his best and thanked him for warning him, which meant that he believed that he could handle the brotherhood himself. However, this did not prove to be true as one of Elias’ door guards almost shot him in the back. However, he was not able to do so as John quickly intervened.

After getting out of the building, Elias told John that he was not going to get out of the city, as that would show his members that he was weak. As there was no other choice, John decided to go with him so that he could protect him.

They then went to meet Gino, one of Elias’ partners, as who could help Elias gather enough men to organize a response to the brotherhood’s attempt on Elias’ life. However, John quickly became suspicious, especially as one of Gino’s bodyguard’s kept on checking his watch. Elias also realized that something was up and told Gino indirectly that he knew that he had flipped over to Dominic’s side. At that moment, everyone drew their guns. Gino then told Elias that he had no choice but to join up with Dominic as people had said that Elias was now vulnerable, especially as he had not been so active lately. He also revealed that he did not know if Dominic had gotten to Bruce and informed them that they had less than a minute to get out. Before they left, Elias promised Gino that they would see each other again.

Meanwhile, Martine told John Greer (John Nolan) that she had located Shaw, who had escaped with Ms. Groves, who was more commonly known as Root. She also revealed that she had discovered that they had been hiding in a moving truck which had been pulled over by a detective at a camera dead zone. She was confident that she would be able to find the detective and Shaw, but she found it strange that Samaritan could not easily locate them, or Shaw, in the beginning.

Elsewhere, Shaw told Root that the Machine should give her a new identity so that she could start to operate again, just as Root got multiple identities. However, Root told her that it was not going to be so in her case, which made Shaw mad. Shaw then told Root that she was not scared at all, but Root told her to remember that those who care about her are scared for her.

At Gino’s place, Dominic was not very happy that Gino had allowed Elias to escape. He then asked about Bruce as Elias had been asking about him. Gino then told Dominic that he was worried about Elias as he was still out there, but Dominic told him not to worry as they would be able to get to Elias soon. Dominic then ordered Link to track down Bruce, since he was essential to Elias’ operation. He was the one who could pull strings even when Elias was in hiding or was in prison. Dominic believed that if they found Bruce, they would also find Elias.  

Meanwhile, John, Anthony and Elias dropped by in one of the buildings that Elias owned. However, they could only go to the penthouse, as that was the only place that had been renovated. The penthouse was also where Bruce’s office was, and Elias claimed that he had to get something valuable there. As the Brotherhood had blocked both the entrance and the back door, they had no other choice but to go up. In the elevator, John told Finch that he could not call for police back up, as they would just put Elias in jail, which was exactly what Dominic would want. Finch then decided to send Fusco to them as back up.

However, when Finch called Fusco, they were interrupted by Martine, who had posed as a DEA agent. She questioned him regarding the van. Fusco, however, was quick on his feet, and was able to throw her off the scent for a while. Because of this, Finch decided to let Fusco keep on doing his day job.  

At the penthouse, they discovered that Bruce wasn’t there. Elias then revealed that there was a secret entrance going out behind the bookshelf, as he always had another way out. John then told Elias that they had to go, but Elias insisted on continuing to encode a code at a vault. However, Elias was not able to finish encoding all of the numbers needed as the brotherhood came smashing in. During their escaped, Anthony got hit, and they had no choice but to leave him behind. However, John promised Elias that he would try to get back Anthony later.

Meanwhile, Shaw and Root almost ran into a van full of Samaritan operatives. Finch then called them up to check up on them and told them that Martine had paid Fusco a visit, but thankfully, he was able to throw her off their scent. He then told them that he had to go offline for a while as he had to help out John with their number. Shaw, upon learning that the number was Elias, insisted on going to help John. However, Finch refused to tell Shaw where John was. Afterwards, she manipulated Root into telling her, and Root agreed, on the condition that they would go into hiding once they helped John out.

Back at the abandoned building, Elias and John had to hide out in a small room with bunk beds for a while. Elias was clearly shaken up by the fact that Dominic and the brotherhood had shot Anthony. He was then called up by Dominic who told him to give himself up so that John and Anthony could walk out of the building alive. John told him not to do it, but Elias was ready to gamble on the chance that they might let John and Anthony go. John then told him that they had to follow his way, as Elias’ plan had failed. Despite the fact that Elias had pointed a gun to John’s head the last time John had given Elias a gun, he gave him on.

Upstairs, Dominic revealed that he wanted to get into the vault as he knew that Elias kept information that could be used against others, which was exactly what he needed in order to run the city. Moreover, he deduced that whatever was inside the vault was valuable, as Elias had come to the vault even if he knew that they were tracking him down. He then asked Anthony if he knew the code, but he refused to reveal it. This caused him to get severely beaten up by Dominic’s men. Dominic then gave him a choice, either to join or die.

Somewhere in the building, Elias revealed to John that he had bought the building in order to give it a new purpose and to create a new legacy of sorts. They then entered a small room in order to hide. However, Elias did not seem to like the room. Finch then called John up and told him to head to an exit at the southeast side of the building, as he was currently waiting there with a car.

Upstairs, Dominic left Link to deal with Anthony. Anthony then asked Link if he was ready to lay down his life for Dominic, as he was Dominic’s right-hand man, just like he was Elias’.

Meanwhile, Elias informed John that he and Anthony went way back and that he got the scar on his face because he killed his father who kept on beating his mother. This ended up in a juvenile detention, and soon after that, Anthony and Elias met.

Somewhere in the city, Root and Shaw entered an abandoned auditorium, where John was. She then knocked Shaw out by injecting him with a drug. Shaw then threatened to kill her.

Elias and John made it to the exit, but before John could put Elias into Finch’s car, Elias pointed his gun at John and told him that he had planned to save John’s life. He told John that he knew that he would try to save him, but he knew that John was no match for all the men that Dominic had upstairs. He then went back inside and locked the doors so that John would not get inside. Finch then called Elias up and told him not to give himself up, as there was more hanging in the balance than he realized, especially as Elias’ presence had actually brought the organization into the chaos to violent streets of New York. However, Elias only wanted to protect those who were close to him and hung up on him. At that particular moment, Dominic confronted him in a hallway. Finch then directed John, who had managed to get back inside the building, to where they were.

Elias was then surprised as Dominic had changed their agreement all of a sudden and asked for the code in exchange for Anthony’s life. After talking to Anthony, he decided to give them the code, as Anthony was insisting that he do so. However, he was emotional when he gave the entire code. He then applauded Dominic for studying him carefully, as Dominic knew what his weaknesses were.

Outside, Finch told John that he realized that something was a little bit strange about the vault.

Inside the building, Elias told Dominic that his weakness was his hubris. Because of this, Dominic tried to stop his men from completing the code. However, they were too late as the penthouse exploded, as the vault was rigged with a bomb. However, before the penthouse blew up, Anthony told Link “Morior Invictus.” John then took advantage of the opportunity by helping Elias escape.

Back at the subway, Finch told John that they now had to proceed with extreme caution as everything just got more dangerous and that their survival depended upon Shaw’s seclusion, which they knew she would not be too happy about.

At Samaritan’s headquarters, John Greer told Martine that he had realized that the Machine had been blocking all relevant information on Finch and his associates, which rendered Samaritan blind to them. Therefore, he gave Martine more operatives, as they now had to also rely on human intelligence.

Meanwhile, Dominic told Link that they had to find out who was bankrolling John and Shaw, as they were the people protecting Elias, which meant that they and Finch were also against Dominic and the brotherhood.

Outside, at the Boardwalk, Elias met up with Bruce, and together, they mourned the loss of Anthony. He then showed Bruce a picture of the three of them as young boys. After making sure that his accounts were safe, Elias told Bruce that they had to pay a visit to each friend of theirs who had flipped, starting with Gino.

He then called Finch to thank both of them for saving his life. He then confirmed that the building that they had been was a group home. In particular, it was the group home where he had met Anthony, and that the building had been a failsafe, just in case. He then told them that Dominic was going to pay for Anthony and warned them to stay of his way when that happened. He then walked away from the Boardwalk and echoed Anthony’s last words by saying “Invictus Maneo.”

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Catch the next episode of “Person of Interest” on Dec. 16, 2014 at 10:00 p.m. on CBS.

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