‘Person of Interest’ Season 5 Spoilers: The War Between Samaritan And The Machine Comes To An End!

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘Person of Interest’ Season 5 Spoilers: The War Between Samaritan And The Machine Comes To An End!
Person of Interest Season 5

“Person of Interest” is created by the man who wrote the films like “Memento”, “Inception”, “Batman Trilogy”, “Interstellar”. We know what Jonathan Nolan is capable of. With “Person of Interest”, Nolan has given us a crime thriller drama that focuses on Artificial Intelligence, CIA agents, and a billionaire who knows more about technology than any other guy we ever saw in any television.

According to Cross Map, the Machine helps Harold Finch (portrayed by Michael Emerson) and John Reese (portrayed by Jim Caviezel) in preventing violent crimes. Finch and Reese has tried to save the world from a long time with the help of their colleagues, Sameen Shaw, Root, Lionel Fusco. Unfortunately, things do not work out when The Machine or aka God, as Root calls it, meets its competitor, Samaritan.

In season five, the cold war between Samaritan and The Machine comes to an end. We might be looking at the same world around us but something terrible has happened. Finch’s Machine is now killed itself for protecting the lives of Reese and Root. Now, it’s only Reese and Root alone who can now build and resurrect The Machine but the question is, if they ever build The Machine again, then will it work the same way it used to work before?

In the upcoming fifth season of “Person of Interest,” it would be interesting to see what the next incarnation of The Machine would be. In the last episode of the fourth season, we saw how Finch has downloaded the core code in his briefcase. The executive producer Greg Plageman said that the upcoming season will be like a rebuilding of the main characters.

The Season 5 of Person of Interest will premiere in mid-fall of 2016. But the sad news for the fans is that the show will only get 13 episodes of the usual 23 episodes.

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