Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor Will ‘Laugh Bravely Into The Goodnight’ In Doctor Who Christmas Special

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor Will ‘Laugh Bravely Into The Goodnight’ In Doctor Who Christmas Special
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Peter Capaldi’s run as the Doctor is about to come to an end. This weekend, the 59-year-old wrapped up filming of his final episode, titled The Doctors, and recently, director Rachel Talalay and showrunner Steven Moffat teased what fans can expect from the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

The 12th Doctor’s Curtain Call

The 12th Doctor is about to regenerate and as long-time fans of the sci-fi series know, it is going to be an emotional event. After three seasons and four years, Capaldi has been the face of Doctor Who and he is ending his journey through time and space this December.

In a new interview, Talalay, who also directed the Season 10 finale World Enough and Time and The Doctor Fallshyped the upcoming season. She told TV & Satellite (via Digital Spy), “[i]t’s a tour de force. It’s a fanboy’s dream, it’s also a beautiful and joyous script.”

The episode will see the Twelfth Doctor alongside the First Doctor to be played by David Bradley. The Broadchurch actor portrayed William Hartnell in the docu-drama An Adventure in Space and Time. Moffat, who will also exit the series, wrote the script.

Capaldi himself is a huge fan of Doctor Who and has been watching the show since he was a kid. While there have been a couple of multiple Doctors episodes in the show’s 54-year history including the 50th special, this is the first time that the First Doctor has appeared in the revival.

Moreover, Moffat promised that the send off for the 12th Doctor will be a roller coaster full of emotions. She stated that, while the episode will be sad as the audience say goodbye to Capaldi who has been the face of the sci-fi series,  his final episode will also involve a lot of laughs.

“The one thing I have to say is, it’s Christmas Day, we’re gonna keep it funny, and we’re gonna keep it lively, as well as sad,” the award-winning screenwriter shared. “If we cry, [the audience] won’t. We want them to cry. So Doctor Who will laugh bravely into that good night.”

In the previous episode, the Doctor started the regeneration process but was hesitant over changing his face once again. This caused the TARDIS to bring him into an icy location where he will meet the First Doctor.

Moreover, while the Twelfth Doctor does not want to change, Moffat’s statement is an assurance that his regeneration will not be emotional as David Tennant’s exit in 2010. Moffat already teased a “different” regeneration for Capaldi in the Doctor Who Christmas Special in a previous interview.

Peter Capaldi Says Good Bye

Meanwhile, Capaldi has completed filming his final episode of Doctor Who and to celebrate he went out of the studio in Cardiff to meet his fans. While it must have been an emotional day for the actor, he found the time to take photos with some of the fans waiting outside for him.

Earlier this year, Capaldi announced his exit from the series. While his replacement, the 13th Doctor, has reportedly been cast, BBC is yet to announce which actor has been chosen to play the coveted role.

Aside from Capaldi and Moffat, Doctor Who Season 10 also saw the final performance of Michelle Gomez as Missy. New companions, Bill (Pearl Mackie) and Nardole (Matt Lucas), also seem to have ended her adventures with the Time Lord known only as the Doctor.

The Doctor Who Christmas Special will air on Dec. 25 on BBC.

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