Peter O’Toole Retires From Acting

By admin | 6 years ago

Peter O’Toole, who will be 80 in August, is ending his six decades of acting on both screen and stage. The legendary British actor announced on Tuesday that he was officially retiring. He told listeners that after close to 60 years, he had lost his desire and his heart was not in it any longer. He promised he would not return.

He said he screen and stage career had given him material comfort, emotional fulfillment and public support, however he thinks it is important that one decides on his own when the right time is to leave. He then said he bid a profoundly grateful and dry-eyed farewell to all.

He started his career in 1954 and is best known for appearing in Lawrence of Arabia, The Lion in Winter , Becket, My Favorite Year and The Stunt Man. He has received eight nominations from the Academy Awards and in 2003 was given an Honorary Oscar.

The actor was best known for his stage work when he was chosen to be the lead actor in Lawrence of Arabia. At 27, he was not well known for his roles on the big screen but was considered one of the up and coming stars when he played beside Omar Sharif.

While he will not be busy acting any longer, his time will be used to complete his third volume of memoirs. His role as T.E. Lawrence brought him stardom on the big screen, but started his line of eight losses without one win in Oscar nominations. He said he nearly told the Academy he did not want their honorary Oscar, as he considered telling them to hold it until he was 80 in case another role came along.

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