Pez Candy Toys to Get Their Own Movie!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Pez Candy Toys to Get Their Own Movie!
Pez Candy

It looks like Pez Candy giveaway toys are also going to get their own movie. Envision Media Arts is developing a new animated movie based on the plastic candy dispensers sold by Pez Candy.

L A Times reports that Pez Candy Toys and candy dispensers will get their own movie soon with Envision Media developing an animated movie based on the candy dispensers with cartoony heads that are free giveaways with the candy. It is rumored that the screenwriter Cameron Fay has been enlisted to pen the movie script. Cameron Fay has written comedies like the yet to be released, “The Three Stooges Movie” and “Brothers in Law.” It looks like comedy is her forte and she is the best fit for the job of writing the movie script. Lee Nelson and David Buelow of the “Celeste and Jesse Forever” fame are producing the project.

No details have been provided about the plot of the potential story. The dispensers don’t come with a built in story and it will be hard to conjecture at this point what characters might show up in a plot for the movie. The dispensers do not have rudimentary legs or even hands and this might prove to be a problem. The only recognizable thing about the pez dispensers is their recognizable faces which are borrowed from all kinds of franchises and popular media. They even have Minion themed and Snoopy themed dispensers. Wouldn’t that present a problem – this would look like a copyright violation? At any rate, this would prove to be an interesting challenge for the writer and the directors and the audiences will obviously like to know what kind of story can be built around a couple of plastic candy dispensers with no hands or legs.

Do you think Hollywood has gone too far this time? Do you think that a Pez candy movie would be ridiculous? Sound off in the comments section below.

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