Photographer Terry Richardson Says It Has Been A Difficult Journey; Expecting Twins from Alexandra Bolotow

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Photographer Terry Richardson Says It Has Been A Difficult Journey; Expecting Twins from Alexandra Bolotow
Terry Richardson with Jared Lato

Terry Richardson, the ace photographer known for his controversies has recently confirmed that he and girlfriend Alexandra Bolotow are expecting twins.

Richardson who is more famous for his controversies is expecting twins from Alexandra, 32. Alexandra Bolotow was his former assistant.

The duo was pictured on Monday in New York and the 50-year old photographer shared in one of his Instagram posts that they had gone through several difficult moments on their path to parenthood.

Alexandra was seen cuddling her pet dog as both she and her lover kept themselves warm beneath their winter coats.

Richardson wrote that his babies would be due in spring. Richardson also shared with his fans that they were scared of “jinxing” Alexandra’s pregnancy. The photographer also said that it had been quite a tough journey for both of them. Nevertheless, they were thankful for being showered with so much support and love from family, friends, and some excellent doctors.

According to some sources, Richardson has known Alexandra for the last 10 years, ever since the latter was studying at New York University. Alexandra had worked as an intern for the famous photographer and continued as a full timer. She has supported the photographer even while the latter went through many reported scandals.

In 2004, when Alexandra was an intern, she was photographed while she was having oral sex with her older boyfriend. The book that was published by Terry in 2005 has 90 explicit photographs of her that were clicked by Terry himself.

She defended Terry last year when there were several allegations by many models about his sexual misconduct, though he was never really charged for any of them.

Alex has reportedly shared with New York Magazine  in 2014, that a strong woman should own up all those decisions that that are made in life by her. She said that trying to blame someone else for one’s own decisions is an act of dishonesty and cowardice.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

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