Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach gets WHAT after winning the title? Prepare to be awe-struck

By JB Lazarte | 2 years ago
Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach gets WHAT after winning the title? Prepare to be awe-struck
Miss Universe 2015 Philippines

Pia Wurtzbach is either very lucky or very unfortunate. You’ve probably watched the most awkward and embarrassing three minutes in the entire Miss Universe history, courtesy of comedian Steve Harvey (he’s no longer accepting pageant hosting gigs, thank you very much!). You’ve seen the memes (“Colombia-zoned,” “Wurtzbach-zoned,” “Harvey-zoned”) and ROFLMAO’d over them. But we bet you don’t really know the stuff Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is getting as the new reigning title-holder, do you?

Really, what did she actually win along with the Miss Universe 2015 crown?

Apparently, according to the official Miss Universe site, a lot of fancy stuff! Free clothes, a year-long salary, and a lot more!

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. So let us just count the ways why winning the Miss Universe pageant is awesome in terms of material gain. As Miss Universe, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach will have to spend a year travelling to raise awareness for certain charitable causes—that’s a really good thing for Pia, who admitted to have a number of advocacies, such as raising HIV awareness.

Right now, after winning the title, Pia Wurtzbach is in New York to do the requisite media appearances. But after the initial frenzy, Miss Universe gets a lot of freebies during the course of her reign. Namely:

  1. A salary for an entire year, from the Miss Universe organization, doing nothing but the things you love.
  2. You get to live in a luxurious New York City apartment, all expenses paid—that is, when you’re not travelling.
  3. A year-long scholarship from the New York film Academy College of Visual Performing Arts.
  4. A year’s supply of haircare products and tools from CHI Haircare.
  5. An extensive shoe wardrobe from Chinese Laundry Shoes
  6. A collection of swimwear by Yamamay
  7. A year’s supply of skincare products from Image Skincare
  8. Membership at Gravity fitness at the Le Parker Meridien Hotel, as well as hair services from John Barrett Salon.
  9. Modeling portfolio by fashion photographer Fadil Berisha.
  10. Derma and skincare services from Dr. Cheryl Thellman-Karcher
  11. Health and nutrition consultation by Tanya Zuckerbrot, and dental services by Dr. Jan Linhart.
  12. Professional representation by The Miss Universe Organization
  13. Extensive travel representing sponsors and charitable partners
  14. Access to various New York City events including casting opportunities, movie premiers, screenings, Broadway shows and launch parties
  15. And personal appearance wardrobe and styling by the official Miss Universe Organization fashion stylist


Sure, some of these perks Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach might not really consummate. For instance, how can she really enjoy living in a luxury New York apartment when she’d have to spend most of her time travelling? But still, while these freebies are just icing on the cake, they’re still more than enough to make a girl really happy.

Photo source: Miss Universe

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