Pictures Explain Victims’ Untold Pain From Paris Attacks

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Pictures Explain Victims’ Untold Pain From Paris Attacks

Someone has clearly said that a picture speaks more than thousand words and no word could define the pain of Paris attacks victims more accurately than the pictures itself. Here are few of them collected from different sources on social media sites that tell how the calmness has been disturbed by haters of peace.

The terrorist group attacked seven different sites in Paris which, included a stadium, a restaurant, a bar and a concert hall leaving 127 dead and 307 injured.


Paris is regaining its pace but the attack left the whole world in shock and it was condemned by every nation.


The first attack took place at 9:20 p.m at the Stade de France, where a sudden explosion outside created chaos in the stadium. The stadium witnessed the second attack at 9:30 p.m.


Later, the news started to come up about the attacks on one of the restaurants located in the 10 arrondissement of Paris, around 9:25 p.m. At Le Petit Cambodge, attackers did not blow themselves but opened fire with Kalashnikovs.


Rue de la Fontaine au Roi was the third target of the terrorists, four people were found dead outside this bar situated in the 11th district.

Next, a restaurant that saw this deadly game was La Belle Équipe, where attackers reached 9:36 p.m. and left killing 19.

Another restaurant, Boulevard Voltaire  was attacked in the same way as they did outside the stadium. A rock concert where people were enjoying their evening with Eagles Of Death Metal band was the last target of the attackers. Three attackers openly fired at Bataclan and reportedly gathering hostages in front of the stage, where they gave a short speech mentioning Iraq and Syria.

The attackers end up blasting again at Stade de France around 9:53 p.m.

Paris is getting support from all over the world but no words could refill the space of the dead ones, the team of Movie News Guide prays for all the innocent lives that were taken from these Paris attacks.

Photo Source: Twitter/saruuche

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