Picturesque Lootera

By admin | 4 years ago

Picturesque LooteraLootera looks look a beautiful landscape painting. It is picturesque from start to finish. It is a simple story that is done slow deliberately. The director manages to lead the actors to good performances that syncs with his vision.

Great movies usually have simple stories. What makes Lootera memorable is the way director Vikramaditya Motwane visualizes the screenplay. The movie gives homage to the golden age of Indian cinema.

Cinematographer Mahendra Shetty and the entire direction team also deserve some credit for the overall look of Lootera. They manage to get the feel of the period just right and maintain the mood of the movie. Amit Trivedi gives the movie a score that adds to its old school charm.

Lootera is about a thug Varun (Ranveer Singh). He arrives on the estate of a zamindar, who he wants to steal from. Then he meets the daughter of the zamindar and falls for her. This leads to several things but the story remains simple.

Lootera combines tragedy with irony and humor with wit. At one point you will find yourself laughing and then sad at the next scene. It explores the relationships of the characters to give viewers a new perspective.

The movie shows that relationships are not always rosy all the time. It can be as grim as winter nights. It also shows that life can be as weak as leaves in autumn. Lootera is filled with subliminal messages that make it a hit for the thinking class.

The only bad thing about Lootera is its ending. It doesn’t satisfy the buildup and leaves you with unreturned emotions.

But overall, this dark romantic movie is entertaining. A lot of it is due to Sonakshi Sinha’s performance. She manages to tug your heart and her performance compliments Ranveer Singh’s, who also proved that he is an actor to watch out for. Lootera is a must see.

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