Pierce Brosnan Says There Can Never be a Female Bond

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Pierce Brosnan Says There Can Never be a Female Bond

The guessing game for who could be the next James Bond once Daniel Craig hangs up his boots continues. For weeks now, it is being reported that Daniel Craig will not be playing the role of the MI6 spy after “SPECTRE” and if that is the case then the makers will have to find another actor to take the legacy forward. Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan has once again made his opinion on the issue heard. Read on.

According to Variety, everyone has been discussing who or who would not play the legendary role and that includes former Bond himself. Pierce was known to play the iconic role from 1995 to 2002 in movies like “Die Another Day,” “Goldeneye,” “Tomorrow Never Dies” and “The World is Not Enough.”

Brosnan recently predicted who could step into the role of the iconic spy and according to him, it could be anyone for sure but he thinks the actor being cast will be male and white. This doesn’t mean the former Bond is not in favor of a black actor playing the role. He also mentioned that there are many wonderful black actors out there who could play the role.

Talking about Idris Elba who is the current favorite and top contenders to play the role, Brosnan mentioned that Idris indeed is a wonderful actor but there are many other black actors who could play the role better than him. Right since the time, he was to hang his boots on the role, he has been recommending Colin Salmon as the next Bond if they need a black actor to play the role. Salmon is known to play the role of Charles Robinson when Brosnan was the Bond.

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Mirror added that Brosnan was quite vocal about how there could not be a female Bond because right from the beginning the James Bond has been male, he is a guy and his name is Bond, James Bond. Until “SPECTRE” releases and an official announcement about Daniel Craig leaving is made, one can’t be sure about who will get cast as the next Bond.

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