Pink’s Daughter Prefers Her Father’s Career to Her Mother’s

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Pink’s Daughter Prefers Her Father’s Career to Her Mother’s

Pink and Carey Hart are doting on their adorable daughter, Willow. The tiny tot recently declared to her parents that she likes electric bikes a lot better than dirt bikes and this has made the fans conjecture that she prefers her Daddy’s career to her Mommy’s. Read on for more details.

Carey Hart was all praise for his little daughter, Willow, who recently got her own electric bike. Willow was extremely delighted with the bike’s performance. She was delighted that the electric bike went faster than her dirt bike. When she told her daddy that the electric bike was way better than the dirt bike, her daddy posted a picture of her riding the bike with a cool quote that basically said that his little girl will soon be ready for the tracks. The proud father posted a small spliced video too, which showed his little darling riding the beautiful yellow bike out in the garden on a sunny day.

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Carey Hart is one of the most recognizable faces of freestyle motocross competitions. Hart is a champion freestyle motocross racer who has tried his hand at motorcycle racing and off road truck racing. He has received the prestigious Riders Above Dirt R.A.D. Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011. So he is obviously delighted that his kid is just as interested in biking as he is. Coincidentally, Hart, who was raised in Las Vegas, also received his first bike when he was only four. That’s probably why he chose to give his little daughter an electric bike at age four too. He uploaded another picture of her biking on Instagram.

As there are more pictures of Willow biking than those of her singing, many fans are beginning to believe that Willow takes after her father and not her mother, Pink, who as we all know is a multi-platinum artist and an awesome singer. Well, we hope that Willow picks up musical skills too eventually.

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