‘Pirates Of The Caribbean 5’ Promises To Be Super Fun!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
‘Pirates Of The Caribbean 5’ Promises To Be Super Fun!
Pirates of the Caribbean 5

“Pirates of the Caribbean 5” is going to bring back the fun. The new team, which includes a lot of members from the old team, is going to have super funny actions and fancy storytelling with the fifth adventure in the series.

The new sequel in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is going to bring back Johnny Depp as the inimitable pirate Captain Jack Sparrow. It is also going to feature Orlando Bloom as the new Davy Jones. He will join Captain Jack Sparrow and a couple of buccaneers in the quest for the fabled trident of Posidon.

Davy Jones, who was previously known as William Turner, has a son with Elizabeth Swan. His name is Henry, and he is going to join the quest for the fabled trident. Also joining the quest, will be the rogue astronomer, Carina Smythe. Carina is a woman who is fighting for a woman’s right to read and learn and do the sort of things that women do in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

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Sparrow’s buccaneer crew is going to be challenged by a certain Captain Salazer, who has a quondom grudge with Captain Jack Sparrow. Like many other pirates before him, Salazer is looking to get rid of Sparrow, his minions, and everybody who is setting sail on the seas because of the grudge. The problem here is that Salazer blames Captain Jack Sparrow for his brother’s death.

Whether or not Sparrow is responsible for the said death, only time and spoilers will tell, but for now it is clear that the characters listed out are all out to get Posidon’s trident and chances are that it will be a story about magical mayhem and serious fun.

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With a new production team in place, Pirates might turn out to be as much of a fun movie that the other installments have been so far. Do you think Captain Jack Sparrow will find the fabled trident? Sound off in the comments section below.

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