‘Pirates of The Caribbean 5’ Will Be A Swashbuckling Fun, Says Geoffrey Rush

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
‘Pirates of The Caribbean 5’ Will Be A Swashbuckling Fun, Says Geoffrey Rush

Geoffrey Rush was caught singing the B-52’s classic, “Love Shack” on a Karaoke. And then he spilled the beans about the latest sequel in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Rush was in Toronto for the Toronto film festival and he sang with a local reporter on a fun night out, while pushing his latest film, “The Daughter” at the festival.

When the reporters from Variety caught up with him, he gave them a really candid interview, where he admitted to being a little too old to pick up roles that were perfect for him in his forties and fifties.

When being asked that why had he chosen to play a loner in “The Daughter,” he told them that the character demanded such a portrayal, as the character was going through a lot of “private, particular shame” that made him really withdrawn and restrained. He also revealed that he was very eager to work with the director of the movie Simon Stone who had charmed him with his work in the theatre. Most of his work had been serious and artistic, which impressed Rush.

He confessed to have crossed into old age and was now specifically looking for work from the sexagenarian repertoire. His next few movies, which include big ones like “Gods of Egypt” and “Pirates of the Caribbean 5,” will portray him as an older man. He said that the new directors from the 250 million dollar Pirates sequel are doing a really good job by bringing the adventure and the swashbuckling back to the Pirates movies, which was missing in the last couple of films.

The Norwegian directors, Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg, are directing such a big budget movie for the first time. Rush was delighted to know that they would be giving an indie feel to the movie.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Geoffrey Rush


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