Pitch Perfect 3 Cast Updates: A Major Part of the Barden Bellas Confirmed to Return with Anna Kendrick

By Manjira Basu | 1 year ago
Pitch Perfect 3 Cast Updates: A Major Part of the Barden Bellas Confirmed to Return with Anna Kendrick

Pitch Perfect 3 has promised a Merry Pitchmas to fans for December 2017. And the production team has ensured that they live up to their promise. A major chunk of the Barden Bellas for the upcoming movie has been finalized. And fans will be relieved to know that Anna Kendrick will be returning to this film.

However, the confirmation comes with a catch. Barden Bella’s new entree Hailee Steinfeld from Pitch Perfect 2 will return as well. And the script for the film has not yet been finalized. Hence, it is a mystery to everyone as to who will get the lead singer’s role in Pitch Perfect 3.

Steinfeld said that she has not yet received the script but hopes to get it soon. “Hopefully something kicks off in the New Year ’cause I’m ready” she added.

Previously reports had claimed that Kendrick’s Beca Mitchell may be shown to have graduated and moved on. The actress might return only for a short cameo while Steinfeld will step into the limelight as Barden Bella’s new star Emily. But it looks like Anna Kendrick will hold her place as the fan favorite Mitchell, at least for now.

Meanwhile, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow will also return to the third installment of the franchise. Reports say that Wilson, who is known as Fat Amy, has lost tremendous weight and would not be called so in the new movie. Anna Camp will also reprise her role as Aubrey Posen, confirmed Entertainment Weekly.

Skylar Astin has not yet been confirmed to return to the franchise. But the actor seemed not too worried about his return. Astin said, “This process is such a long one and I’ve been through it before between the first and second movies.”

Astin, who is very well acquainted with the creative team, explained that the script goes through a lot of flux on a daily basis.

“(They) want to keep us out of it for our own best interest — and we really understand that,” added Astin.

Indeed with Elizabeth Banks bowing out as director and Trish Sie stepping in, Pitch Perfect 3 may undergo a complete revolution. Fans shall find when their Merry Pitchmas arrives with Pitch Perfect 3 on December 22, 2017.

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