Pitch Perfect 3 Update: Fans Will Get To See The Bellas On A New Release Date

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Pitch Perfect 3 Update: Fans Will Get To See The Bellas On A New Release Date
Pitch Perfect 3 Update: Fans Will Get To See The Bellas On A New Release Date

With the blockbuster results from the two previous installments, it is no wonder that “Pitch Perfect 3” starts to excite fans even if it will hit the big screen in 2017. The release date was moved on a later month.

According to Variety, the new release date is on Aug. 4, 2017. It was first reported to be on July 21 of the same year. This was moved to have the date as a solo premiere for the film because July 21 is already loaded with films from Fox animation and the “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” of Luc Besson.

In an article from Deadline, “Pitch Perfect 2” did an amazing debut in theaters last summer. It raked a huge $285.2 M worldwide gross. The said film opened with a staggering $69.2 M, pushing out the “Mad Max: Fury Road” from the top spot. The latest installment will be produced by Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman from Brownstone Productions and Paul Brooks from Gold Circle Entertainment.


Are there any confirmations regarding the updates of the third prequel?

The scriptwriter of the first two movies is Kay Cannon. She will be doing the same honors for the next movie. For the cast, Inquisitr reported that Hailee Steinfeld will absolutely be filming for “Pitch Perfect 3.” That means we will get to see more of Emily Junk. There are negotiations agreed upon even before she began working for the recently released installment.

There are speculations that Rebel Wilson will be returning as well. Known for her candid portrayal of Fat Amy, she expressed excitement for the third movie. How about the actress who took on the role of Beca? There are no confirmed reports yet if she will be a part of the film as well but rumors brewing she is already being talked with regarding about the matter.

Are you all excited for “Pitch Perfect 3?”

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