Pitch Perfect is a Sexy Musical

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Pitch Perfect is a Sexy MusicalPitch Perfect is a snarky campus movie that features the world of a cappella singing. It has smart comedy with lots of music. This would be enjoyed by girls, gays and music lovers but it could also be enjoyable by all.

Barden U is the setting of Pitch Perfect. It is the home of The Bellas, an all-female a cappella group. They need new members so that they can beat their rivals The Treblemakers, an all-male group who won the national finals.

The Bellas is led by Aubrey (Anna Camp). She, along with Chloe (Brittany Snow) recruits freshman Beca (Anna Kendrick) into the group. Beca is an aspiring music producer who is in college because she is pressured by her father a professor. The other newcomers to the group include Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), Lilly (Hana Mae Lee), and Cynthia Rose (Ester Dean).

Kay Cannon delivered a well-written script that made competitive a cappella singing funny without the self-righteousness of Glee. Aubrey forbids Bella members to mingle with any Treblemakers, which is led by Bumper (Adam DeVine). Beca is courted by Jesse (Skyler Astin), who wants to be a film score composer.

Jason Moore makes his movie directorial debut with Pitch Perfect. He is best known for staging Avenue Q on Broadway. He sets the pace just right and stays on focus. To balance out the attractive cast, he fills the scene with performers who are over aged for college.

Pitch Perfect is full of music. It has scenes of rehearsals, impromptu a cappella challenges, and regional competitions. The finale is the nation finals at the Lincoln Center in New York. Most of the songs are rendered vocally without any instrumentation. The choreography is also sharp without the feel of being too professional. Pitch Perfect is shot in LSU and other locations in Louisiana.

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