‘Pitch Perfect’ Movie Star Anna Kendrick Calls Herself 30 At Age 29

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘Pitch Perfect’ Movie Star Anna Kendrick Calls Herself 30 At Age 29
Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick, it seems, is not the usual type of women, for she did not hesitate to state that she is thirty when she reached the age of 29. The actress, who celebrated her 30th birthday on August 9, explains as to why she did so during an interview. She said that she is of the view that during your 20s you have to go through a portion of crap.

The actress went on to say that there is lot of crap during your thirties also, but when you reach this age you have the freedom to say that you are 30 good years old and this gives you the right to drive home earlier by 2am and that she is excited about this fact.

According to designntrend.com, Kendrick is reminded about her 3 decades of lifespan and that is she loves what she is doing, acting. The actress gladly says that as far back as she can remember, she had always desired to do acting. She can recall the time when she was getting prepared to appear with Neil Patrick Harris at the Oscars.

At that time, she got the chance to meet James Gordon who made the movie “Into the Woods,” and she remembered how nervous she was. James said, after looking at her, that she needs to enjoy every moment now, because if she doesn’t than she will be sorry 10 years from now. She remembers his saying till this time.

According to moviesnewsguide.com, the actress says that it is really a good advice for anyone. One should enjoy when the time is good and push herself when the moments are hard. With that being said, Kendrick suggests that one should always have a backup plan in case something goes wrong.

Kendrick says that when she was young, no one advised her to do so. Even though it is not good, but she still never thought of having a backup plan. She had a single focus, and there was never a time when she thought of anything else other than acting. The actress went on to say that she got the big opportunity due to a mix of luck and tough work.

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