Pixar Set To Release A Short on ‘Inside Out’ Called ‘Riley’s First Date’ Along With Blu-Ray Print

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Pixar Set To Release A Short on ‘Inside Out’ Called ‘Riley’s First Date’ Along With Blu-Ray Print
Pixar has directed a short on ‘Inside Out’ which will be released along with the Blu-ray print. The short is called ‘‘Riley’s first Date’’.

Pixar did extremely well in hiding the fact that they are about to unveil an immensely good short called ‘Riley’s first Date’. This short is based inside the world of “Inside Out” and in all possibilities, will come out along with the Blu-Ray print of “Inside Out”. In April, Stitch Kingdom had made efforts to dig into this news and they were the ones to reveal a possibility of the release of ‘Riley’s first Date’.

The movie “Inside Out” is based on a character named Riley and the five basic emotions inside his mind. Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness together balance Riley’s actions. Riley moves to a new city and all the emotions help her get through all the difficult circumstances.

“Riley’s first Date” is the title of “Inside Out” short and will be an entertaining short to watch. Disney will now formally acknowledge the existence and release of the project. According to Rotoscopers, the short will come out on August 13 which is a Thursday.

It is still not known the exact amount of short which will be shown to the public. A very small description on GMA’s desktop website talks about the unveiling of ‘Riley’s first Date’ and the exact words read as “Riley’s first Date: Exclusive sneak peek at Disney-Pixar’s new animated short starring Riley from ’Inside Out’.” Disney has not invested any time in publicizing about the release of the short.

It still isn’t clear what the GMA description reads. Will they discuss the short in detail or conduct a lengthy interview of all the filmmakers? Will there be a footage aired for everyone or something related? It will take a long while to find out. The program will be aired on Good Morning America and fans wait eagerly for details on the short.

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