‘Pixels’ Second Trailer Released, Adam Sandler Saves The World From Pac Man [WATCH VIDEO]

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Pixels’ Second Trailer Released, Adam Sandler Saves The World From Pac Man [WATCH VIDEO]

It is no secret that Adam Sandler’s next movie “Pixels” deals with video games gone wild as it is pretty evident because a second trailer for the movie was recently released online. The upcoming movie is about Adam Sandler and Co. tackling characters from Donkey Kong and world famous Pac Man game in order to save the world.

According to Yahoo! Movies, the new trailer talks about how NASA in a bid to communicate with extra terrestrials about our culture end up instigating alien life forces to send video game characters in real life to destroy our world. What starts as a sincere attempt to furthermore spread our culture ends up in an “Independence Day” movie meets humor situation. Adam Sandler plays the role of Sam Brenner, Pac-Man’s world champion in the 80’s. In the movie his character is called upon by Kevin James who plays the role of a US president to help him tackle the attack by video games.

Sam Brenner goes ahead and assembles a team that has Josh Gad’s character who happens to be the champion of Centipede game and Peter Dinklage known as the king of Donkey Kong. Michelle Monaghan who plays a Lieutenant Colonel in the movie helps the team by providing them the necessary equipment.

The movie is being produced by Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions and has him reuniting with at least one of his regular co-star Kevin James. The actor who is known for his comic timing has indeed taken a bold step with this one because there are a few possibilities that could happen with the movie. First possibility is that the audiences will love the movie for its unique take on video games gone rogue. Second possibility is that this movie might just spoil and scar every child’s memories who has grown up playing the games featured in the movie.

One can only wait and watch which way does the movie fall? The good side or the bad side. Movie opens on July 24th.

Watch the trailer for the “Pixels” movie starring Adam Sandler below:

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Photo Source: Facebook/Adam Sandler

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