A Playboy Hollywood Superstar Diagnosed With HIV And Dozens Of Female Stars Fear They Have Been Infected By Him

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
A Playboy Hollywood Superstar Diagnosed With HIV And Dozens Of Female Stars Fear They Have Been Infected By Him

Lately, there have been lots of rumors circulating regarding a playboy Hollywood superstar diagnosed with HIV. Rumors are also rife that he has infected many women with whom he had casual flings. If this is true, half of Hollywood would soon perish. Read to find who the Hollywood Casanova is!

Take few deep breaths before you start reading the latest chaos in Hollywood industry. According to Daily Mail, it has been speculated that the mystery actor might have passed virus to a movie actress of repute, a big TV personality, a highly loved model and an award winning actress. The list of women also includes a media bigwig and a “celebrity with a chequered history” according to Daily Mail.

The report claims that “‘decades of debauchery’ had ‘finally caught up with’ the womanising actor – said to be one of Tinseltown’s ‘megastars’.”

The playboy Hollywood superstar diagnosed with HIV does not want to disclose his condition to public. However those who might have infected virus from him fail to hide their anxiety on social media and express it in subtle manner before fans according to Daily Mail. It can be guessed how miserable these women are feeling right now.

Daily Mail has stated that the story was first covered by RadarOnline, which claims that there is a ‘bad boy Tinseltown star’ with an ‘explosive secret’. The report eloquently disclosed that the star has been infected by virus that lowers immunity and can also lead to AIDS.


The middle-aged Hollywood star with HIV has a playboy image. He has lived his life indulging in one-night stands and spent time with sex-for-hire partners. According to report, he was made aware of his medical condition two years back and has admitted that he has never shown prudence to activities that have landed him into such fate.

It seems that in no time everyone would know the name of the playboy Hollywood superstar diagnosed with HIV. According to Daily Mail, a newspaper has stated that the star’s lawyers are currently handling and dealing with legal actions taken by women he had knowingly put in health risk. According to the report, he knew he was HIV positive but still continued to have sexual relations with women.

There is lot of pressure on the mystery star with HIV too to disclose his condition to everyone as it would aid in combating spread of HIV since he is a celebrity. A spokesman for Britain’s Terrence Higgins Trust communicated that the patient is “given treatment that reduces the amount of HIV virus to an ‘undetectable’ amount, and this means HIV cannot be passed on’.”


Meanwhile, social media channels like Facebook and Twitter are letting folks with detective spirit do their guessing job. All the stars that have a reputation of being womanizers have suddenly come under the suspicious eye of the sleuths.

According to RadarOnline as reported by Daily Mail, the playboy Hollywood superstar diagnosed with HIV has revealed his condition to his friends in Oct 2013, but kept it a secret from rest including his sexual partners. He feared his career would be finished if he disclosed.

The Hollywood star with HIV is also paying one of his ex lovers a hefty amount of money for suppressing the secret. He had been hanging around with her and even slept with her. One day she discovered HIV medicine in the bathroom and showed her anger. Thankfully, she has not been infected, but threatened him that she would leak the secret.

The star’s biggest fear is that his disease would wash away all the work he has done so far in his acting career and he would only be remembered as an actor who had this disease long after he has gone from the world.

There have been many celebrities who have suffered and died from AIDS. To name a few these are Rock Hudson, Freddie Mercury, Liberace, ‘Magic’ Johnson etc. So, people keep stumbling on the website to find updated information about the mystery star!

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