Players and League Finally Agree to Play Hockey

By admin | 6 years ago

After nearly four months of no hockey, the NHL and the Player’s Association have finally come to terms and the lock out will end so the regular season can start. The agreement was made after a marathon session of negotiations that lasted nearly 16 hours and stretched from Saturday afternoon until the pre dawn hours of Sunday morning.

The two sides agreed to a new deal that will be for 10-years, but Gary Bettman the Commissioner of the league said there were many details that still had to be taken care of before the season could begin. He hoped that teams could be ready within a week to start playing.

Scheduling issues were being worked out as no details have been released as to how the schedule will be played and how many games the season will have. The NHL has models made up of seasons that have 48 and 50 games. Insiders believe that the games will be limited to just within each of the two conferences, but the league office could not confirm that.

A majority of the league’s 30 owners must ratify the new collective bargaining agreement as well as a majority of the 740 members of the player’s union. The lock out started on September 16, the day the prior CBA expired.

The new CBA will reduce television revenue from 57% for players to 50% and will limit new free agent contract to only seven years unless the free agent re-signs with his same club and those can be eight years in length.


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