‘Playhouse Presents: Marked’ Premiere Date Set

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
‘Playhouse Presents: Marked’ Premiere Date Set
Kiefer Sutherland at the “24: Redemption” Photo Exhibit Opening, Paley Center for Media, Beverly Hills, Calif. – Nov. 10, 2008. Wikimedia Commons/Kristin Dos Santos

Sky Arts in the United Kingdom has finally set a date for the airing of the one-off drama starring Keifer Sutherland. “Playhouse Presents: Marked” will be debuting on Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014, at 10:0 p.m. Find out more about this series in the details below.

Last July, we reported that Keifer Sutherland has joined the special production of “Playhouse Presents” on Sky Arts, a specialized British channel. The actor, who worked in London for his popular series “24” was asked to star in the special with his “24: Live Another Day” co-star Stephen Fry, whose production company is also behind the project.

“Marked” is about a guy named James (Sutherland) who comes to a life-altering crisis after incurring huge debts. In his desperation to support his family, he agrees to become a contract killer. When he notices that some things are not what they seem, he realizes that there’s no more turning back to what he agreed on. He also discovers that the mark, the person he is supposed to kill (Fry), is the last person he expected to see.

Along with Sutherland and Fry, the series will also feature Kevin McNally as the neighbor who orders the hit.  

The one-off production is only set as a short 30-minute drama, as with many of “Playhouse Present’s” episodes. “Marked” was written and directed by Greg Ellis, who has worked with Sutherland in the FOX drama “Touch.”

“When Stephen and Kiefer agreed to do a Playhouse Presents…, it was like all my Christmas’ rolled into one. Their enthusiasm to work together is evident and it echoes our own customers’ enthusiasm for amazing and inspiring drama. Sky is committed to working with the best, whether that is great actors, writers or directors, and giving them the freedom to create great work with gusto,” said Phil Edgar-Jones, the director of Sky Arts in announcing the episode back in July.

Catch Keifer Sutherland in a role you may have not seen him play before on “Playhouse Presents: Marked,” which is a one-episode offering from Sky Arts in the United Kingdom. Check back to Movie News Guide (MNG) as we will provide you with the recap to the special following its airing.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Kristin Dos Santos

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