‘Playing House’ is Back: Season Premiere By Main Characters Maggie Caruso And Emma Crawford Top-Notch

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
‘Playing House’ is Back: Season Premiere By Main Characters Maggie Caruso And Emma Crawford Top-Notch
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After nearly 14 months off the air, “Playing House” is back. Best of friends and sometimes mistaken for an odd couple (especially that little Charlotte is now around), Maggie Caruso and Emma Crawford are further raising the stakes now for Season 2.

“Playing House” stars Lennon Parham (Caruso) and Jessica St. Claire (Crawford), who are also both the executive producers and series creators of the comedy series. The funny duo was apprehensive at first due to the extended time it took for its renewal. Parham and St. Claire recently talked it out with The Hollywood Reporter on their lease for a second season by USA Network.

“In this business, you never really expect a second season of something. But for some reason with this, I really felt like we had so much more to tell,” St. Claire expounded on the renewal.

“Playing House”stars St. Claire and Parham shamefully admit that they indirectly got brought back because of a very strong fan base.

Both are ecstatic on how they didn’t hold anything back during the writing process of “Playing House” Season 2 as exemplified in last Tuesday’s first episode.

Everything was a big reveal to the audience as Maggie and Charlotte have been a constant fixture at her ex-boyfriend Mark’s house when Tina “Bird Bones” is not around. The mother and child would have gotten away with their frequent rendezvous if Maggie had not accidentally forgotten Charlotte’s favorite Mr. Kooky toy in one of their visits.

Unfortunately, her supposed rescue mission for Mr. Kooky, again with the help of Emma was a complete failure despite “breaking in inside the house with the use of a security code.” Both of them got caught thanks but no thanks to a vigilant bulldog. The episode marks them burying the hatchet with “Bird Bones.”

“Playing House” Season 2 also marks a shift in the viewing access of the series. As reported by TV By The Numbers, viewers for every week are allowed to watch the upcoming episode on Video-On-Demand before it airs on U.S. television.

Will the continuing episodes finally give Maggie the “real, live human family” that she has always cried and craved for? What do you think of this episode? Share us your thoughts by posting your comments below.

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