Playing House Season 1 Bosephus and the Catfish Recap

By April Lara | 4 years ago
Playing House Season 1 Bosephus and the Catfish Recap
American actress and comedienne Lennon Parham. October 2, 2009. Wikimedia Commons/ Greg Hernandez

In the latest episode of “Playing House” Season 1, Episode 6 “Bosephus and the Catfish,” which aired on May 27, 2014, we saw what family really meant for the show. Read on for the “Playing House” “Bosephus and the Catfish” recap.

Zach met someone online and they are about to go on a date. However, Maggie and Emma are not so sure about the whole date thing so they snooped on his dating profile. They saw that his date, Cecilia, has a lot of professionally-taken photos and they assumed that she is really not what Zach thinks she is. She might probably be a fat old man. Maggie and Emma convinced Zach to ditch the date, which offended Zach because he thinks that they think that he can’t get a girl as good looking as Cecilia. He told them to stay away from his business.

Emma discovered Bruce has been living in the storage locker that she rented out for her furniture. They found out that he was disowned by his own mother when his mom found out that he cheated on Emma. Emma still agreed to help Bruce find a place to stay in exchange that Bruce cancels the mandatory couples’ therapy that he fought for in the divorce.

Emma went into business mode and talked to Bruce’s mother and after a lot of talking, Bruce’s mom finally allowed Bruce to live in her place, but only in the garage. Emma went to Rosie’s after this and while she was waiting for Maggie, a guy came up to her and offered to buy her a drink. Bu, it was really Maggie who was dressed up as “Bosephus.” She disguised herself to spy on Zach and she asked Emma to play along with her.

Later that night, a man approached Zach’s table and Maggie freaked out right away and came to the table only to found out that the man is just actually borrowing ketchup. Zach realized that it was them but it was too late because Cecilia walked in, and Maggie and Emma tried to keep up their Bosephus/Jandana act but Cecilia is not to be fooled.

The next day, Emma found Bruce a real apartment and paid for the first month of rent and even let Bruce use her furniture in the storage locker. In Maggie’s house, Zach arrived home after a wild night with Cecilia and by wild we mean Cecilia tried to rob him and then he ended up calling the cops on her. However, Zach was very happy with the way things turned out, which was weird but Maggie accepted it. She has never seen her brother that happy.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/ Greg Hernandez/ High Contrast

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