Playing House Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: 37 Weeks

By April Lara | 4 years ago
Playing House Season 1 Episode 8 Recap:  37 Weeks
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“Playing House” Season 4 Episode 8 “37 Weeks” aired on Tuesday, June 10, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on USA. We were able to delve deeper into the whole Mark-Emma relationship and Maggie’s pregnancy. Read on to learn more about this episode.

 “Playing House” Recap: Season 4, Episode 8 “37 Weeks”

It’s official. Maggie was now 37 weeks pregnant, which means that she could go to labor any time now. This realization hit her, so she got panicky because the house was not yet ready for her baby’s arrival. Maggie wanted everything to be perfect before the baby arrives, and Emma was, of course, to the rescue. Trying to calm her best friend down, she organized a task force made up of Mark, her mom, and other random people to get the house ready for the baby.

Emma and Mark were left to the task of painting the kitchen, and while at it, Mark got a call from Tina. Emma overheard their sweet conversation and taunted Mark for this, of course. They fought, and Mark accidentally got paint all over Maggie’s top. When things turned calm between Emma and Mark, they started talking about their issues. Mark revealed some crucial information to her, such as he was really willing to go to China with her if only she asked. This shocked Emma because she thought that Mark would never leave his hometown, which was why she didn’t ask him. However, Mark told her that his life with Emma was focused on staying with her. Hearing all of this, Emma apologized to Mark. Of course, Mark didn’t let it go easily and make Emma apologize over and over again. They almost kissed, but Tina barged in.

Once Tina was there, Mark was still hiding something from her wife. He never told her that he had proposed to Emma and had been rejected. Then again, Maggie wasn’t able to keep her mouth shut and blurted the whole Mark-Emma proposal thing in front of Tina. Things got so stressful that Emma blurted out in front of Tina, again, that Mark would have gone to China with her. Tina was so shocked with the revelations. Things escalated, and they started calling each other’s names.

To make matters worse, Maggie then admitted that she made out with Mark after Emma and before Tina. Emma was upset, but before Maggie can confront the bomb that she just dropped, Maggie went into labor. That’s the end of this episode.

Maggie is about to give birth. Are you excited? We are! This will totally change their lives for sure. What do you think of this episode? Share us your thoughts by posting your comments below.

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