Playing House Season 1 Finale Recap: Episodes 9 and 10

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Playing House Season 1 Finale Recap: Episodes 9 and 10
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The first season of “Playing House” has wrapped up and in their season finale, we saw episodes 9 and 10 “Let’s Have a Baby” and “Bugs in Your Eyes,” which both aired on June 17, 2014. If you can recall, the pilot episode of the show first started with the little red playhouse in Maggie’s backyard and it ended there as well. We first saw Maggie inside the playhouse crying over her husband’s infidelity online, and in the end, it was Emma who broke down there. Read on for the “Playing House” Season 1 finale recap of episodes 9 and 10 “Let’s Have a Baby” and “Bugs in Your Eyes.”

In “Let’s Have a Baby,” Maggie had her baby but before she gave birth, her doctor won the lottery and left all of her responsibilities, which means that Maggie was left with no doctor at all and was faced with a new doctor she’s not comfortable with yet. It’s so hard to be in labor and you are faced with a new doctor, but Maggie did not have a choice. Maggie had Doctor J to help her through the birth of her baby. The doctor quickly assumed that Maggie and Emma are lesbians and the two did not even deny it. In fact, they even made up a story on how they met and fell in love with each other.

There were a number of miscommunications and some little complications throughout the show, which is not new in a comedy sitcom especially when it comes to delivering a baby, but Maggie pulled through and was able to deliver her baby well, who is a girl and a healthy one. All throughout the birth, Emma did not leave Maggie’s side. They named the baby Charlotte, after Maggie’s mom.

On the other hand, the episode “Bugs in Your Eyes,” took us six weeks into the future right in the middle of a crying baby and Mark and Tina’s relationship on the rocks. Maggie is being such a control freak over her baby, which is pretty normal, however, this creates tension between her and Emma. Emma wants to be a part of the baby’s life and of course, Maggie wants the same but she’s still in super mom mode.

Meanwhile, Emma got a drunk call from Mark who’s at a bar, drinking and ranting about his marital problems. Emma decided to head down there but Maggie stopped her, saying that she’s not letting Emma go by herself to a bar with her drunken ex because clearly that is not a good idea.  So, Maggie and Emma went to Rosie’s, where Mark was, they found Mark at the bar sulking because he just lost his wedding ring in a bet. Maggie tried to get the ring back through a pool challenge while Emma digs through the bottom to find out the root of Mark’s problems. Mark told her that he was offered a better job as police sergeant in Stamford, Connecticut, which is 3 hours away but Tina doesn’t want to move to Connecticut while Mark doesn’t want to give up that opportunity. Suddenly, Mark started to reminisce about his relationship with Emma and they almost kiss – again but Emma composed herself and stopped it before it happens again.

While Maggie was trying to reclaim Mark’s wedding ring through the pool game that she has arranged at the bar, she can’t seem to get things right due to the carrier strapped to her chest and that is when she learned to let go a little. She was able to win back Mark’s ring and they all drove home together. The next day, Mark came to their home to tell Emma and Maggie that he will be able to patch things up with Tina if he stops seeing Emma and that’s where Emma ended up in the little red playhouse.

The “Playing House” Season 1 finale ended with a very meaningful and touching conversation between the two best friends, with Maggie revealing to Emma that she decided to give the baby the middle name Emma, and Emma was overjoyed to hear this.

That’s the he “Playing House” Season 1 finale recap of episodes 9 and 10 “Let’s Have a Baby” and “Bugs in Your Eyes.” What do you think of the “Playing House” Season 1 finale? Share with us your thoughts by posting your comments below! For the latest news, recaps and spoilers on “Playing House” and other TV shows as well as entertainment news, just tune in here at Movie News Guide (MNG).

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