Pokemon Company Sues Two Party Organizers In Seattle for Blatant, Willful Copyright Infringement; Damages Now Being Sought

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
Pokemon Company Sues Two Party Organizers In Seattle for Blatant, Willful Copyright Infringement; Damages Now Being Sought
Pokemon Company sues two organizers for copyright infringement.

The Pokemon Company International, Inc. filed a legal action against two residents from Seattle on Wednesday because of copyright infringement. How did they violate the company’s rights? Read on for more details.

Two residents from Seattle organized a Pokemon-themed party last Thursday, which sold tickets for $2.

The 5th Annual Unofficial Pokemon Pax Kickoff Party was supposed to be held at 500 East restaurant and bar. However, it was cancelled after The Pokemon Company International, Inc. (TPCi), a subsidiary of The Pokemon Company, issued a legal complaint at the U.S. District Court in the Western District of Washington, GeekWire reported.

The company’s lawsuit pinpointed issues of featuring “AMAZIN POKEMON MASHUP,” “Pokemon themed shots and drinks,” “Smash Bros. Tournament with cash prize,” “Dancing,” “Giveaways,” “Cosplay Contest and more.” Furthermore, TPCi was also displeased upon knowing that the organizers used images of Pikachu and Snivy, which are the firm’s precious copyrighted characters.

The organizers also put Pikachu’s picture at their Facebook account to promote the kickoff party, which gave TPCi more reasons to file the lawsuit. One of the Facbook posts reportedly implied that the organizers were able to sell at least 30 tickets, raking a profit of more than $60.

One of the organizers or members of the event posted a video of their own rendition of the “Gotta Catch ‘Em All’ Pokemon” song. When MNG checked it, the owner of the account seemed to have removed it or made it private.

According to TPCi’s legal representatives, the complaint aimed to stop and correct the “blatant and willful infringement” done by the organizers.

TPCi was also seeking damages and lawyers’ fees as well as a court order to prevent similar events in the future.

Although the event was already cancelled, there was no certainty if TPCi would no longer pursue its demands.

The Pokemon company is yet to issue another official statement.

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Photo source: YouTube/The Official Pokemon Channel

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