Pokemon Go Update: Niantic Addressed Cancellation By Releasing Apple Watch Version

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Pokemon Go Update: Niantic Addressed Cancellation By Releasing Apple Watch Version
Pokemon Go

Recently,  Pokemon Go cancellation has surfaced and Apple Watch version will not be released had spread on the internet. The developer of the game, Niantic denied this report and confirmed that they are releasing this new version.

A few days after Niantic confirm the continuous developing of Pokémon Go for Apple Watch. Now, the newest version of the app has finally arrived. Fans of the app are excited to try this version. It will allow players to be more connected to their beloved Pokémon.

Pokémon Go Features for Apple Watch

In terms of new features, it is not that much but less hassle to keep in touch with the things in the app. That is because it allows the user to do things on Apple Watch such as checking information of how far the player need to walk to hatch an egg, how much XP is needed to level up even when the user’s phone is in their pocket.

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This newest version of Pokémon Go is also giving the user to see what items the user collected from PokeStops. One more interesting feature of this version is that it can keep track of the player’s distance walked and how much calories the player have burned.

Pokemon Go Cancellation False

According to GameSpot, Pokémon Go for Apple Watch was simultaneously announced when the latest iPhone 7 was revealed last September.   Niantic and Apple have also released a statement that the app will be available before the year 2016 ends – and it is here now. Pokemon Go cancellation is unfounded.

But an early update was released this week to fix some bugs because Pokémon Go is experiencing unnecessary vibration issues on the Apple Watch. Niantic also released an announcement about the statistics of the game which has a massive increase. A lot of people are walking around which is equivalent to 200,000 trips around the globe. All just want to catch different types of Pokémon.

Pokemon Go cancellation is not going to happen and fans even enjoy them on their Apple watches.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Pokemon Go Niantic

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