‘Pokemon GO’ iOS Update Fixes Google Accounts Issue

By Rhenn Anthony Taguiam | 2 years ago
‘Pokemon GO’ iOS Update Fixes Google Accounts Issue
Pokémon GO Screenshot from the Verge
iOS players of “Pokemon GO” can finally download its v1.0.1 update that fixes a recent privacy issue concerning Google users who are worried about their safety.
This new “Pokemon GO” update improves the game’s stability and fixes its Google account permissions issue, according to its iTunes store listing. The game’s update does not require access to the player’s Google account data anymore, which generated quite the controversial issue. Instead, the game will ask to see the player’s basic data and their e-mail addresses.
Players of the hit augmented reality mobile version of the franchise using iOS were concerned because they found out their version of the game wanted to have full access of the data in their Google accounts. This started rumors ranging from Niantic Labs gathering data from users, to the company being a government spy.
Niantic Labs said the security problem may have been the result of a mishap in the permissions requests in the game. While there are chances that players on both iOS and Android have been allowing full access to their accounts without their knowledge, iOS users can see the kinds of permissions they have given Niantic Labs.
For the update’s other improvements, iOS players of “Pokemon GO” do not need to enter their login credentials for the second time when they are forced out of their accounts. This issue was especially helpful for those playing using their Pokemon Trainer Club accounts. Niantic Labs said they have also “resolved” issues related to game crashes, but this still remains to be seen.
Android users will have to wait for their update, as Niantic Labs has not given an official date of the game’s international release. However, developers did say the game will be available globally “in a few days.”
“Pokemon GO” is the much-anticipated augmented reality game of the hit franchise “Pokemon” that allows players to become Pokémon trainers using only their smartphone. Players can capture their own Pokémon in unique locations around the globe, train and battle them across gyms, and just explore and find unique Pokémon in different regions.
The game was launched on July 6 for Australia, New Zealand and the United States. However, frequent server issues caused it to undergo maintenance.

Photo Source: The Verge

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