Here is the Pokemon Theory to Solve Franchise’s Greatest Secret

By Chan Lasan | 2 years ago
Here is the Pokemon Theory to Solve Franchise’s Greatest Secret

Pokemon was introduced to gaming enthusiasts two decades ago. Since the franchise, anime TV Series, Manga, games and recently an app about Pokémon have spawned.

In these 20 years, we heard a lot of wonderful and strange fan theories from fans. For them, more serious things are going on underneath the charming and cuddly exterior. But a lot of burning questions need to get answered.

Things like what happened to Ash’s dad, life after death, theories of Mr. Mime, why the hospital is full of identically sexy Nurse Joys, why police department is filled with feisty and bubbly officer Jennys and so on.

Fan theory for everything

In short, there is a fan theory for everything. As it unfolds, it seems that we can answer one great question in the Pokemon universe and it is one with the most reprehensible answer of all.

The Jennys and Joys of Pokemon world looks like a collection of hot anime girls who has identical faces, names, and jobs who all claim to be cousins. Yet the truth is darker and less sexy.

Mew as a powerful psychic

If one watched the first movie in 1999, you will recall Mew who is a powerful psychic and you will get to know Giovanni, the character who wanted to take the world like a James Bond villain.

He is the leader of the notorious group Team Rocket, who is incharge of their Human Resource Department. Dr. Fuji was also introduced who began his own mad scientist story.

His ways pushed his wife away. Giovanni discovered the experiments of Dr. Fuji. Giovanni offered to fund his experiment should Dr. Fuji create an enhanced clone of Mew to be his super soldier.

Cloning of Mew worked

So, where are the cousins in the story? The cloning of Mew worked. And eventually Giovanni might have asked Fuji to make him an army of servants, that is, hot and steamy women in Uniform. Fuji must have made the humanoid Joys and of course Jennys using a modified DNA of pokemon from his lab, Cracked reported.

Most likely he got the DNA from the evolution of Nurse Joy’s Assistant, who takes not only human form but also Nurse Joy form. Pokemon seems to last forever while going nowhere. Eventually, because Giovanni has forgotten his greatest scheme. He had set up his plan to take over the world. But he cannot see to remember.

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