Poldark: New Photos Of Aidan Turner’s Ross Released, Demelza To Cheat On Husband

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Poldark: New Photos Of Aidan Turner’s Ross Released, Demelza To Cheat On Husband
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Poldark is gearing up for its third season. Much like the first two seasons, it will see Aidan Turner, Eleanor Tomlinson and others reprising their roles. With the new season debuting soon, fans can expect to see more drama.

A lot has been reported about how the events in the third season will affect every character of the show after photos from the third season have resurfaced online.

New photos

Mail Online reported that the new photos that were released in anticipation of the upcoming season see former lovers, Ross and Elizabeth, together. The two are known to have a deep and complicated history.

Following the events of the previous season, the new photos also hint that they will be crossing paths again. In the photos, Turner’s Ross can be seen holding Elizabeth’s horse.

However, this time her husband pops up out of nowhere and catches Ross helping Elizabeth, which could mean trouble for the exes.

According to the outlet, the reason why Ross can be seen helping Elizabeth in the new photo is that her horse will attempt to bolt but he will be there to assist her.

Events in season 3

Not much is known about what will occur in the third season but reports have mentioned that things will get serious for Poldark and his family. There will be repercussions for what he did in the previous season as fans can expect more drama.

Debbie Horsfield, writer of Poldark stated that Ross would be older in the new season but not necessarily wiser.

Demelza cheats on Ross

One of the most surprising events that will be taking place in the upcoming season is Demelza cheating on Ross. After Ross forced himself on former lover Elizabeth in the previous season, Demelza will perhaps look forward to getting even with her husband.

Reports are suggesting that she will get involved with Josh Whitehouse’s character Hugh Armitage, an aristocrat and new entrant in the series.

The two characters’ affair has been described in the sixth novel, which only gives more weight to the fact that the two will get involved in some way.

Previous season

The previous season was a roller coaster ride for Poldark. He faced trial at a court after his archenemy George Warleggan tried to have him executed. Things got worse after Ross’ former flame Elizabeth decided to get married to his archenemy.

Following this decision of hers, he forced himself on her and now could also be the father of her soon to be born baby. After this controversial incident, he went back home to Demelza who did not take kindly to what her husband had done. Despite that, the two made up as he reaffirmed his love for his wife.


No official synopsis has been released for the upcoming season but reports have stated that more drama will await the Poldark family. It is also known that the upcoming French Revolution will start to cast a shadow on Cornwall and its dwellers.

Premiere date

Poldark season 3 will premiere in June this year.


Photo source: Instagram/official_poldark


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