Poldark Recap: Episode Four

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Poldark Recap: Episode Four
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“Poldark” Season 1 Episode 4 “Episode Four” aired last Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 9:00 PM on BBC One. In this episode, Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) struggled with Wheal Leisure, as they hadn’t struck copper yet, and as investors started to pull out because of his marriage to Demelza Carne (Eleanor Tomlinson). Meanwhile, Demelza struggled to understand her new place in society, and her role as Ross’ wife, which culminated in a Christmas dinner at Trenwith, in which she surprised the world that Ross belonged to. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At Nampara, both Jud Paynter (Philip Davis) and Prudie  Paynter (Beatie Edney), just like the rest of the society didn’t understand Ross Poldark’s (Aidan Turner) decision to marry Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson).

When he arrived home, he was surprised to see her baking bread, and told him that sometimes, she forgot that she was his wife, and wondered out loud how they ended up together, and wondered what others would think about their marriage. However, Ross told her not to worry able out it, and the next day told Francis Poldark (Kyle Soller) about it. He also told Francis to lay off on the gambling and the womanizing, as he had stopped as well, as he now had a wife.

The rest of the town talked about the marriage, and Verity Poldark (Ruby Bentall) wrote to Ross to congratulate them. However, this affected Ross’ future prospects for Wheal Leisure, as he needed more money as they were having a hard time to get through all of the ironstone to see if there really was copper. However, Captain Henshawe (John Hollingworth), and Horace Trenoglos (Michael Culkin), whose son had just married Ruth Teague (Harriett Ballard), continued to support him, while the rest of the investors withdrew. They felt that Ross was “too risky” to invest in. Meanwhile, Wheal Grambler, Francis’ family mine wasn’t doing that well.

After going to town, Ross came home with some ribbons for Demelza’s hair, and a notebook so that she could practice writing. He then informed her that he had told her father that her duty now was with him, and that she should also make an appearance at the mines. However, she was anxious about this as she felt that they might think that she was putting on airs, as she wasn’t of Ross’ class. Her appearance went well, but she still felt a little awkward as she didn’t feel like a lady, even if Ross insisted that she was. However, she displayed unladylike behavior when they got home as she tackled Jud, who had stolen a portion of one of the pies that she had made.

Ross then decided that one way that she would be able to have a notion of being the mistress of Nampara was to look for her own household help, and to this end, she engaged Jinny (Gracee O’ Brien) to take her place as the kitchen maid.

The next day, Demelza didn’t go with Ross to visit his uncle, who was being treated by Dr. Choake, as he had overexerted himself. After laughing out loud at Ross’ new situation, he had another heart attack, and made Ross promise to look after Francis.

After he died, Francis revealed that he felt a little bit relieved as the pressure from his father was gone. However, Demelza didn’t attend the funeral as she felt that it wasn’t her place. Meanwhile, George Warleggan (Jack Farthing) convinced one of Wheal Leisure’s former investors to allow him to take over the burden.

After a few days, Verity came to visit, and even though Demelza felt a little bit awkward, she opened up to her after Verity told her that she realized that Demelza had brought hope back to Ross’ life. She then taught her proper etiquette, how to dance, and even went dress shopping with her. Demelza then told her that she was pregnant, but was afraid that Ross didn’t love her at all.

After Verity left, Ross surprised her as he took her to the beach when the town bell clanged, as there was fish to be distributed among the villagers.

A little while later, Ross felt bad as they had no more money to spend on gunpowder for the mine, and because Christmas was near and there was still no copper yet.

However, during Christmas, much to Demelza’s dismay, Ross accepted the invitation to stay at Trentwith. There, Demelza was surprised that Elizabeth Poldark (Heida Reed), who knew about Francis’ womanizing, was kind to her, and Demelza surprised everyone at dinner as she had come down wearing a new dress.

During dinner, Ruth tried to put down both Demelza and Verity, but Demelza, who didn’t eat much, answered back. Demelza also surprised everyone by singing a beautiful Welsh song for all of them. That night, while Demelza was sleeping, Ross called her “my love”, and greeted her Merry Christmas.

On the way home, he became worried as the bell was sounded, but later on rejoiced as they had struck copper.

Back at home, Ross told Demelza that surprisingly, he discovered that he truly loved her as she had given him his hope back. She then told him happily that she was pregnant with his child.

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