Poldark Recap: Episode Two

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Poldark Recap: Episode Two
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Poldark” Season 1 Episode 2 “Episode Two” aired last Sunday, Mar. 15, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on BBC One. In this episode, Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) tried to reopen his father’s mine, Wheal Leisure, with the help of several investors and his cousin Francis Poldark (Kyle Soller). However, the rift between Francis and Ross drew bigger due to the influence of his friend, George Warleggan (Jack Farthing). Ross helped Verity Poldark (Ruby Bentall) meet up with a notorious sea captain whom she fell in love with at a dance. Read on to learn more about this episode.

While Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) studied the maps of his father’s mine, Wheal Leisure, the owner of Wheal Wreath shot himself. It was after the Warleggans’ bank foreclosed his mine, leaving his miners out of work. Because of this, Ross ended up hiring a young miner, Jim Carter (Alexander Arnold) as a farmhand. Meanwhile, Jud (Philip Davis) and Prudie Paynter (Beatie Edney) continued to demean Demelza Carne (Eleanor Tomlinson), who worked harder than the two old housekeepers. He also returned the ten pound notes to his uncle, Charles Poldark, and stubbornly insisted that he would reopen the mine.

Ross then met up with his father’s friend and banker, Harris Pascoe (Richard Hope). He told him that he would see what he could do to attract investors to help him reopen the mine. It was especially as Francis was going to be opening the mine with Ross. Later on, Charles gave Ross his blessing to help Francis learn more about owning a mine and the work that it entails.

Later that afternoon, Verity (Ruby Bentall) accepted Ross’ invitation to visit him at Nampara. She asked if he would do her the honor of being her escort at a dance that was going to happen that night, to which he later agreed to.

While Ross was away, and the Paynters celebrated, Demelza wandered into Ross’ study. It was even if she couldn’t read or write, was fascinated by the map of the mine as her everyone in her family were miners.

At the dance, Ruth Teague (Harriet Ballard), who was attending who very first dance, tried to stay with Ross the entire time. But, he brushed her aside and refused to dance with her. He then met up with Pascoe, who introduced him to his father’s former mining captain, Captain Henshawe (John Hollingworth), and Horace Treneglos (Michael Culkin),  a potential investor.

Afterwards, he got distracted as he noticed that Verity was paying close attention to sea captain Andrew Blamey. He got even more distracted when Elizabeth (Heida Reed) arrived with Francis. The two then danced with each other, and talked light-heartedly. Verity promptly interrupted and stopped as everyone was looking at them. Because of this, George began telling Francis that Ross might not be trusted because of his obvious attachment to Elizabeth. Later that night, in order to forget Elizabeth, Ross spent the night with a woman at the local tavern, who was also George’s mistress.

The next morning, he brought Demelza with him to town so that she could buy some fish. He did it so that he could close the deal for the mine with Francis. He also spied Verity, who met up with the sea captain, and who ignored him.

Ross then went to the meeting without Francis, who was completely under George’s influence. He then managed to secure all of the investments that was needed to open Wheal Leisure, which had shown signs of actually having copper in it.

Back at home, Demelza and Ross were surprised when Elizabeth came and begged him to go at once to Francis and Charles. It turned out that they were upset at Verity’s attachment to the sea captain because he had killed his wife. Verity told Ross that that had been an accident. Then, he agreed to help Verity meet the captain at his house.

However, both Francis and Charles learned that Verity was meeting the captain at Ross’s house. They tried to get Verity to come back home with them. When she refused to, Francis challenged the captain to a pistol duel, in which Francis got shot. Thankfully, Ross, with Demelza’s help, was able to save Francis’ life. Verity and the captain realized that they could never be together. Afterwards, Charles blamed Ross for everything. On the other hand, Elizabeth thanked him and told him that she was pregnant with Francis’ baby.

Later that day, as they worked to clean up Wheal Leisure, and put up its sign, Ross offered Demelza a chance to go home. She refused as she told him that her place was with him. He then smiled at her, and the two ate together in front of the mine.

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