Police Officer Being Investigated For Michelle Obama Threat

By admin | 6 years ago

A police officer from the District of Columbia who was a White House motorcycle escort was moved to administrative duties following threatening remarks he allegedly made about first lady, Michelle Obama.

The officer was allegedly overheard making comments about Obama on Wednesday, as a number of officers from Special Operations were discussing threats that had been made against President Obama and his family. A source said unidentified law enforcement officials who did not have authorization to discuss the details, had made the allegations.

The officer is alleged to have said he would shoot Michelle Obama and then used his cell phone to show photos of the firearm he would use to shoot her.

A spokeswoman from the police in the District of Columbia, when asked about the incident, said an allegation had been received that inappropriate comments had been made. She continued by saying the comments were currently being investigated.

A spokesman from the Secret Service, Edwin Donovan, said the agency had been notified about the report and were taking the appropriate steps to follow up.

The Secret Service, in a case involving a member of the White House first family typically will interview all of the witnesses and participants and then decide the best way to proceed from there.

The chief of police Cathy Lanier said that there were conflicting reports as to what was exactly said and the investigation would continue until they were able to determine exactly what the officer said and how serious it was.

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