Pop Tart Katy Perry Talks Kids, Russell Brand

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Pop Tart Katy Perry Talks Kids, Russell Brand

Pop star Katy Perry, 26,  is getting a little baby crazy, according to an interview she recently conducted with Elle magazine. In the interview, Perry, who married British comedian Russell Brand last year, says that raising a family is extremely important to her.

“I want to have kids! I’m totally fine with saying that,” says Perry. “I think some people are worried it’s going to ruin their career, but I want to live a full life.”

For those wondering how/why Perry picked Brand to be the future father of her kids, she discussed her romance.

“Everything clicked really fast,” Perry said. “We kind of instantly got past all the surfacey stuff. And ever since then, there hasn’t been a dull moment.”

Katy Perry recently has a guest appearance on the CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother

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