[Updated] ‘Popeye’ Movie Logo, Plot Leaked: Film Confirmed In Active Development; Popeye On Quest to Find His Father

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
[Updated] ‘Popeye’ Movie Logo, Plot Leaked: Film Confirmed In Active Development; Popeye On Quest to Find His Father
“Popeye” movie in active development.

A Sony Picture Animation representative has confirmed that “Popeye” movie was not cancelled. What’s the status of the animated movie adaption? Read on for more details.

As opposed to what other news publication reported, a Sony Picture Animation spokesperson reportedly contacted Jerry Beck of Animation Scoop about the status of the movie back in March.

“Genndy has been developing both Popeye and his original idea Genndy Tartakovsky’s Can You Imagine? (temp title) at the same time while directing Hotel Transylvania 2,” Beck cited his source as saying.

The spokesperson went on to say that at first it seemed the “Popeye” animated movie was set to be released first. However, Genndy Tartakovsky’s “Can You Imagine” was put in the front and was reportedly scheduled as his next film at Sony Pictures Animation.

“That said Popeye is still very much in active development,” the spokesperson allegedly said.

Wikileaks also leaked about the development of “Popeye,” via Animation Scoop, and revealed that Sony Animation Chief Bob Osher emailed Sony President Amy Pascal to support Tartakovsky’s version of the favorite sailor man.

Dated last Nov. 13, ’14, the leak unveiled Tartakovsky’s struggle to have the film pushed through. It stated that the director was concerned about Sony’s commitment for the film.

Osher noted that when Sony released a test animation to the public, it generally had positive response. This implied that the movie would be a box office hit once released.

“I think a word of support from you would be helpful,” Osher reportedly said.

Furthermore, since the spokesperson confirmed that the movie is still in active development, this give fans an assurance that it would be released in the future.

As also dated back in December 2013, the film’s plot was leaked in which Popeye would set on a journey to find his father. However, one Sony executive said the plot lacked emotional or compelling connectivity.

Nevertheless, Sony Picture Animation is yet to release an official statement. Readers are reminded to take them with a grain of salt.

Update: An image went rounds on the net recently which was believed to be a teaser poster or logo for the animated film. However, Animation Scoop has found out that it was part of a back cover graphics for “Popeye Voyage: The Quest for Pappy.”

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Photo source: Facebook/“Popeye”

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