This Popular Show Has A Connection To A Comic Book Giant

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
This Popular Show Has A Connection To A Comic Book Giant
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Game of Thrones is undoubtedly one of the most watched TV series. The violence, treachery and unabashed bold scenes are some of the reasons why the show has achieved all this success.

However, there are other possible reasons for the show’s success as well. Its connection to a comic book giant’s characters.

Game of Thrones’ connection to DC

Screen Rant reported that it is common knowledge among fans of the show that renowned author George R. R. Martin is a major comic books fan. He himself revealed a letter that he had written long back to Marvel comics.

However, his love for other comic book giant DC was also revealed recently. In one of his novels, a reader pointed out some Easter eggs that are related to DC.

These Easter eggs are based on DC superheroes that have had a massive fan following for a long time. Two of them point clearly at the superheroes while the other two are more like indirect hints.

DC Easter Eggs Revealed

The book in which these DC references have been made is called A Clash of Kings. This book was released back in 1998 and introduces readers to new houses of Westeros whose coat of arms or symbols are named after these superheroes.

There is one House of Sarsfield whose coat of arms is Green Arrow. In DC comics Green Arrow aka Oliver Queen is a billionaire superhero who uses bow and arrow to fight crime.

He is the protector of Star City and has actively been a part of DC superhero teams. The hero also has a TV series on The CW and has established himself quite well in the DCTV universe.

The other house that has been pointed out is the House of Bettley. Its coat of arms is Blue Beetle. Now Blue Beetle is also a superhero who has a deep history in DC Comics.

There have been three people who have been known as this superhero but one thing has been common between them. Highly advanced suits at their disposal.

Much like Green Arrow, this superhero has been a part of many superhero teams like Justice League, Teen Titans and was also seen in Young Justice. In recent years, he has become more popular because of his partnership with Booster Gold.

Indirect references

While the above two references are quite clear, there are other indirect references as well. Two of these references have been supposedly decoded and they hint at other major DC heroes.

The word black hood has been used to hint at the World’s greatest detective aka Batman. There are perhaps many reasons why the hero’s name was not written directly.

There could have been some copyright issues that would have erupted but the author still found a way to refer to the hero via one of the houses in the book.

The House of Lothston has an interesting coat of arms. It is a black bat with a yellow and silver background. If this was not enough, there is another house called House of Whent whose coat of arms is nine bats with a plain yellow background.

Another indirect reference has been made to either Flash or Shazam. The House of Leygood’s coat of arms has three lightning bolts on an orange background.

As mentioned above this could be a reference to either the scarlet speedster or Billy Batson’s alter ego. It is also believed that the orange color has been used instead of red to avoid a direct reference.

Game of Thrones stars connected to DCEU

Interestingly, it is not just the novels that have a DC connection but the show seems to have a connection with DC’s movie universe as well. Game of Thrones star Ciaran Hinds is playing the main villain Steppenwolf in this year’s Justice League.

Apart from him, his co-star Charles Dance has been considered one of the top contenders for the role of Brainiac. Brainiac is being rumored as the main villain of Man of Steel 2. Going by Dance’s on-screen presence, many fan-casts have chosen him as a good choice.

Additionally, Kit Harrington who plays Jon Snow on the show is being considered a good choice for Nightwing and his on-screen lover Rose Leslie who plays Ygritte is one of the top choices for Batgirl. Both of Batman’s sidekicks are getting their own movies and these actors are fan favorites.

Plot and premiere date

Game of Thrones is the story of several royal families in Westeros who desire to control the Iron Throne. Whosoever controls the Iron Throne will have the ultimate power.

However, these kingdoms are unaware of the sinister force that lurks beyond the Wall in the North. The seventh season of the show is scheduled to premiere this year on July 16.


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