Porsha Williams Averts Her Feud With Cynthia Bailey, Says Her ‘Kicked’ Stomach Wants Egg McMuffin

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Porsha Williams Averts Her Feud With Cynthia Bailey, Says Her ‘Kicked’ Stomach Wants Egg McMuffin
Porsha Williams

The fight between “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams and her co-star Cynthia Bailey seems to have saturated. But it is reportedly said that the cause of their fight was trivial that blossomed while filming for the upcoming season 8 of the series on a boat. Read further to know in details.

TMZ was informed by its sources that initially, Williams made the fault by calling Bailey ‘a bi*ch’ while they had a mild argument. However, Bailey had tried to overlook the matter and walked away to the other side of the boat. But Williams did not stop following and annoying her. Cynthia became out of control and while exercising self-defense she kicked Williams in her stomach with her high heels. The producers reportedly came in between their fight before Williams could react. She was immediately taken to the hospital and was provided some medicines to get instant relief.

According to Enstars, Williams made her recent appearance on “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” but she averted the subject of her recent feud with Bailey. Instead, she made a joke related to her ‘kicked’ gut.

“We’re still filming. We just did a photo shoot and some other things. But I can’t really go into detail. I’m not at liberty to say…Now my gut is telling me get a dang on egg mcmuffin…I’m hungry…” Williams laughed.

During an interview with Gary With da Tea of “Dish Nation” in the previous week, the 34-year old Williams rejected the claims that she was hospitalized.

“I’m sitting right here. I can even twerk today to show you I have not been hospitalized like that,” Williams said.

Williams was asked by Gary to give a filmy description on what actually happened between them. Then she started saying a story of six beautiful ladies on a boat who were looking glamorous. What she teased, drinks were flowing and everybody was having a fabulous time.

“…all of a sudden… Tune in to see the rest,” she teased.

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