Possession takes Box Office lead during Holiday Weekend

By admin | 6 years ago

The thriller The Possession, took the lead in the race for the weekend box office title overtaking The Expendables 2, which has won the title the past two consecutive weeks. This weekend is Labor Day weekend in the U.S. therefore the weekend numbers will include Monday’s results nevertheless, analysts have said that The Possession will take the box office title for the weekend.

From Friday through Sunday, The Possession had taken in receipts of $17.7 million and was projected to end the four-day weekend with a total take of $21.3 million once sales for Monday have been tabulated. The crime flick, Lawless, finished in second place, while The Expendables 2 placed third.

The conservative critique documentary 2016: Obama’s America earned $5.1 million in another strong showing during the weekend, after it was expanded into many other theaters in both Canada and the U.S. The movie critiques President Obama’s administration and what the country would be like if he is re-elected for his second term in November.

Possession is a horror film that was originally inspired by an account in a newspaper of Dibbuk, who is a demon in ancient folklore of the Yiddish. Dibbuk’s spirit is said to live inside the Dibbuk box and possess the bodies of people it wants to eventually devour.

Lawless was able to take in more than $9.6 million, which landed it in second place. The crime movie stars Shia LaBeouf and is about three brothers who are involved in bootlegging during the Prohibition period in Virginia. The Expendables 2 took third with receipts of $8.8 million and with Monday’s sales is expected to reach $11 million. The debut of The Bourne Legacy finished in fourth place with $7.2 million in sales through the end of the day Sunday.

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