Possible Missile Location Shocks Londoners

By admin | 7 years ago

The Ministry of Defense in Britain may place a set of surface to air missiles in a densely populated section of London, as part of its security for the upcoming London Olympics scheduled for this summer. Residents of the community in east London have been sent leaflets that have warned them of the possibility of the missiles being placed near their neighborhood.

A tower, formerly used as a water tower located within a private gated community would be where the proposed missiles would be placed. Bow Quarter is the name of the community and was once a match factory with a number of large buildings that were converted into residential homes and apartments.

As part of the multi-layered security plan in place for the Olympics, an air defense system that is ground-based could be deployed. Also included in that system of defense are helicopters and fast jets to protect the skies above London during the Games, said a government official.

One resident of Bow Quarter who received a leaflet said, “This area is very built up. I have a hard time imagining any type of situation where you could safely use these types of missiles in such a populated area.”

He concluded, “Obviously there is an issue with regard to the security of the Olympics. This is an attempt to provide the area with reassurance but only succeeds in creating anxiety.”

London will host the 2012 Olympics between July 27 and August 12. The city will also be the host for the Paralympics between August 29 and September 9.

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