Posters for Upcoming Movies 2017: Must Check Out!

By Nirdeshini Bagde | 2 years ago
Posters for Upcoming Movies 2017: Must Check Out!
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook | Beauty and the Beast

The weekly posters for the upcoming movies of 2017 are out. And now, fans are excited to see their favorite Hollywood stars on the big screen again.  Here are the official posters and some of the notable quotes to have a better understanding of these movies.

UPROXX compiled some of the most highly-anticipated films of this year. The list includes a wide roster of A-list actors starring in much-awaited remakes, sequels and more.  Check out the full list of the upcoming movies for 2017 below.

Upcoming Movies 2017: Beauty and the Beast

Beauty And The Beast Poster

First in the line is Beauty and the Beast poster that is truly amazing. The previous poster was cryptic. This second poster is one step ahead in revealing what has been created for the global fans. A young independent woman, Bella gets into the confinement of the beast in order to free her father Maurice.

Despite her fears, she comes out of her comfort zone and builds a strong friendship with the cursed staff members at the castle. While doing so, she realizes that there is much more to the persona of the beast which is contrary to what appears. She sees a true heart and soul of a human prince in the beast.

Monster Trucks

Monster Truck Movie Posters

The Monster Truck poster seems to be too good to be true. It seems to give the gist of the entire movie in this single poster. It has everything such as a truck, monster, hunk, girl, horse, wheelchair and lot of birds. The Monster Truck characters are jumbled up and one has to put them in proper order.

 Hidden Figures

Hidden FiguresbPosters


Many people considered Hidden Figures as a great movie to watch. Finally, the film has released its poster. Three African-American women work for NASA and serve as brains behind the greatest operations in space history. It is a beautiful anecdote based on real-life characters. With their expertise and knowledge, these talented individuals provide important mathematical data required to launch the program’s first successful missions.

I Am Michael

 I Am Michael Movie Poster

James Franco depicts a gay character in the movie I am Michael that is evident from the poster as well. It is based on a true story of a young Michael Glatze. He goes through series of transformations and becomes a straight Christian pastor. The movie depicts the journey of  Michael from being a gay to a path of reawakening and self-discovery.

The Lovers

The Lovers Movie Poster

The Lovers has a very simple poster but the concept is very clear. — Love is so strong that it can survive a marriage. It is a comedy film with a unique story between two common people. Azazel Jacobs has directed the movie. A married couple is tired of their relationship and plans to get divorced. But the story takes the audience to a certain twisting climax when some unexpected things happen that make them fall in love again.

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