Power Rangers Movie Clip Shows Black Ranger Takes Mastodon Zord On A Joyride

By Disha Mashelkar | 2 years ago
Power Rangers Movie Clip Shows Black Ranger Takes Mastodon Zord On A Joyride
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Power Rangers Movie has released another clip from the film. This one teases the Black Ranger aka Zack (Ludi Lin) taking his Mastodon Zord on a joyride. He eventually fails to control the Zord and gets hit on a rock.

Mastodon Zord is the weapon aka machine used by the Black Ranger in the original Power Rangers TV series. He is gigantic and character Zack Taylor pilots this machine. It is seen previously in the TV series that this Mastodon Zord is very powerful and takes on his enemies by firing frigid blasts of cold air on them. Read to know more about how Zack’s joyride turns into misery in the clip.

Zack Loses Control On Mastodon Zord In Clip

The 50 seconds movie clip begins with the Mastodon Zord breaking a huge mountain. Zack initially gets thrilled with what Mastodon Zord does. He screams in excitement and this seems to be his first ride inside the gigantic machine.

Within few minutes, Mastodon climbs another mountain and breaks it. At this moment Zack realizes that this machine is going out of control. He searches for the brakes to stop the Zord. But unfortunately, he fails to locate the brakes of the Mastodon Zord. And the latter jumps with full force from another huge mountain cliff.

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Alpha 5 And The Other Rangers Are Attacked By Mastodon Zord

When Zack takes his Mastodon Zord on a joyride, the other rangers are busy learning things from Alpha 5 (The miniature robot). When Alpha 5 talks about their today’s training lesson, Zack barges his Mastodon Zord at this place. Looking at the mammoth attacking them Alpha 5 instructs the other rangers to run from the place immediately.

Finally, Zack manages to press the brake of the Zord and the machine stops. Alpha 5 at this moment says his popular catchphrase, “Aye yi yi … !” reports Inverse. Zack comes out of the machine and apologizes to his friends saying, “My bad, my bad.” With this, the movie clip from Power Rangers Movie ends on an interesting note.

Clip Hints At Rangers Power’s

In the original TV series of Power Rangers, it is seen that the rangers have powers only when they are using the machines. But in the released trailer of Power Rangers Movie, it is seen that they have unique inbuilt powers.

As per aforementioned source, another interesting point is to be noted in the clip. Here the Black Ranger does not know how to operate the Zord. Whereas in the original TV series, rangers knew it from the moment they sat inside the machine and took control.

It will be interesting to see how the rangers manage to pilot their Zord’s in the film. Power Rangers Movie is set to arrive in the theaters on March 24, 2017.

Watch the clip here.


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Photo Source: Facebook/Power Rangers Movie

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